NEW Edition of Zatsiorsky's famous book!

I just went to Human Kinetics and I saw NEW edition of Science and practice of strength training from Vladimir Zatsiorsky and William Kraemer 2nd edition!
Anyone read it?

No, but I will!! Damn, I’m excited!!

including shipping prices, you can get it from for about 10 dollars cheaper. I should say, for my zipcode that is true at least.

I read the old edition and it is a pretty technical dry read unless you like that sorta stuff…which i do. a lotta good information in it you can apply to your programs.

I ordered the second edition. I like the book because it isn’t as complicated as Supertraining, and overall a good read.

Can you compare it with first edition? I know prof. Kraemer did a huge contribution, but is it neccessary to buy when you already have first edition? I am interested in your opinion… Thanks

No, I only have the 2nd edition.

Here is what EFS described:
"Zatsiorsky and Kraemer: This new second edition of Science and Practice of Strength Training comes with many additions and changes. A new coauthor, Dr. William Kraemer, joins Dr. Vladimir Zatsiorsky in expanding on the principles and concepts needed for training athletes. Among Dr. Kraemer’s contributions are three new chapters targeting specific populations—women, young athletes, and seniors—plus the integration of new concepts into the other chapters.

Together the authors have trained more than 1,000 elite athletes, including Olympic, world, continental, and national champions and record holders. The concepts they divulge are influenced by both Eastern European and North American perspectives. The authors integrate those concepts in solid principles, practical insights, coaching experiences, and directions based on scientific findings. This edition is much more practical than its predecessor; to this end, the book provides the practitioner with the understanding to craft strength training programs based on individuals’ needs.

Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition, shows that there is no one program that works for any one person at all times or for all conditions. This book addresses the complexity of strength training programs while providing straightforward approaches to take under specific circumstances. Those approaches are applied to new physiological concepts and training practices, which provide readers with the most current information in the science and practice of strength training. The approaches are also applied to the three new chapters, which will help readers design safe and effective strength training programs for women, young athletes, and seniors. In addition, the authors provide examples of strength training programs to demonstrate the principles and concepts they explain in the book.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I focuses on the basis of strength training, detailing concepts, task-specific strength, and athlete-specific strength. Part II covers methods of strength conditioning, delving into training intensity, timing, strength exercises, injury prevention, and goals. Part III explores training for specific populations. The book also includes suggested readings that can further aid readers in developing strength training programs.

This expanded and updated coverage of strength training concepts will ground readers in the understanding they need in order to develop appropriate strength training programs for each person that they work with."