New E-book


I know there’s already a thread on this but the new E-book deserves all the space it wants.

I’ve just finished scanning through and reading parts of it in detail, and think it’s simply sensational. It’s gonna compliment the forum and other books beautifully, clarifying many questions asked that are often misinterprited or need a little more detail on.

It’s in a similar Q&A format to CF:TFS/CFTS but covers a broader subject range with a little more depth.

Charlie and Rupert deserve an enormous round of applause for this effort.

Is it available now? Where?
Or am I just being teased?

I think yer salavating a little too much there 23, :smiley:

I guess I’m just really looking forward to the new book,

… though I must say - I appreciate greatly, the amount of work that must go into producing such a book …

does charlie go into any detail about GPP?

Just downloaded Charlie’s new Manuel, and I concur, it is terrific, hope I can print it out, but scanning through the chapters clarified many things and the illustrations were great, I can’t wait for Fall training now, :slight_smile:

Let’s use this as a shout out to the rest of the members, GET THIS BOOK!:smiley:

I want to buy 2002 forum review ebook and Speed trap, but I do not know where.On this webside I can not win those books, because I am from the Czech Republic and to my country is impossible to send those books. Any advice? Thank you.

Pavel ,go to “” and click on “shop” and you will be able to buy them. That is ,remove everything after “.com” in your browsers adress-field.

There really ought to be a direct link from this community to the old homepage(as the previous revision had) as it seems many members dont even know it exists.

The new e-book looks great. Thanks Charlie.


I tried but some problem with PAYPAL.The Czech Republic is not at column for country.

I want to buy new E-book and Speed Trap. Could I use international money order or cheque ?

Hi Pavel,

You may send a money order only to

Charlie Francis
75 Kensington Avenue, Suite 302
Toronto, Ontario

*be sure to include your email address and full contact info, once we receive your payment we’ll email your link/download info.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, tomorrow I will send you the money order.