New Downhill Track to Help Kiryu Achieve 9-Second Speed

Toyo University Spends $50,000 on New Downhill Track to Help Kiryu Achieve 9-Second Speed

With Japan’s big hope for its first 9-second 100 m, Yoshihide Kiryu (18, Rakunan H.S.), set to enroll in April, Toyo University announced on Mar. 19 that it is building an inclined track, proven effective in building speed, at its campus in Kawagoe, Saitama. With a 1% decline over its 60 m length, the track facilitates athletes experiencing running at sub-10 speed, moving Kiryu one step closer to realizing his dream. Toyo’s 2014 Hakone Ekiden champion long-distance team will also use the new track.

Dropping 60 cm over the course of 60 m, with just a 1% grade the track will serve as the jet-powered Kiryu’s “runway.” “This track allows you to learn how to move your legs and contact the ground at 9-second speed,” said Toyo sprint coach Michiaki Kajiwara, 60, explaining the new facility’s potential impact on training. “The 1% slope is the key. If the slope is too severe it will alter the athlete’s running form on flat ground.”

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Good luck with that. Why not do what has worked for every sub 10 runner in history- accel/speed runs, technique and general weights?

Sounds like it is good old fashioned “Contrast Training”
Short Sprints-
Uphill first
Downhill second
Level third

This HIGH RISK Training only works in the USA b/c we have so much talent here so if we lose athletes to Injury…NEXT…we have many more Sprinters in the Pipeline.
Not so much in other Countries in the World… especially Japan.

Why can’t grass hills be made instead of a Track?
There is probably one already within a 5 mile radius of that place.

I just found out that the JR College in the City I live in (that does not have a track team) is leasing some great hills on their Campus to the City so anybody can train there.
All these years I thought that no one can use the facility but I did some investigating last month.
In addition, this college also has a number of ideal grass hills at different angles there as well but are OFF limits to anyone.

If this JC ever has a team again and with all the great Coaches in the Area…Great things would happen.

I’ve mapped out this whole area for grass hills over the years and have only found three places in this area so far that are good.

I am also talking with the City I live in to build grass hills much like the ones that the Dallas Cowboys had back in the 80s at various angles. 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 10% etc
but they think that a hard surface will be better…NOT
You’d be surprised to see how many would want to attach their name to something like this-Kaiser Perm., Sutter Med., etc.
Developers donating land for the good of the Community.
Just don’t say it is for Track and Field lol
It will be for everyone, every sport, rich or poor, etc.

It’s pretty cool when you could see the dirt or grass flying up on video from the downhill surface(dirt, grass), when wearing spikes(joggers downhill feel like crap)