New Basement Tempo Film Review

Basement Tempo is an interesting addition to the video collection. The video addresses many of the complaints on the site about problems resulting from lack of facilities and poor weather conditions. While most sprinters chase the sun, many have to contend with the harsh reality of bad weather and lack of facilities. Charlie’s former squad certainly fell into this category, yet achieved international success and perhaps this is why Charlie does not accept such complaints as a justifiable excuse for poor preparation. In this video series Charlie and wife Angela Coon, former Canadian National Team 100m Hurdler, present several general conditioning workouts for athletes of different levels that can be done almost anywhere.

The videos are presented in a question and answer format and, like the previous medball workout series, present an entire session from start to finish in real time. This first video begins with a simple warm up that can be done using just an exercise mat. Angela demonstrates the workout while Charlie instructs and comments on the exercises and rationale.

The workout begins with a 15 minute general warm up going from easy exercises using just bodyweight to more difficult medicine ball work. Charlie talks about his experiences of using construction blocks before his group had medicine balls, using whatever he had available to get the job done.

The main body of the exercise program consists of indoor running with various exercises interspersed throughout. Charlie explains how to adjust the workouts for athletes of different levels and gives his trademark commentary throughout.

If you struggle with facilities or bad weather this is a tape for you and even if you don’t you’ll learn a few things that can help when travelling to competitions out of town or overseas. As with all things CF, there is always something you did not know and the Basement Tempo series shows how training can be adapted to overcome challenging circumstances, if you are creative and keep an open mind.

Is it available for download? :confused: I couldn’t see it in the store.

We’re creating a menu of sessions to give you some choices based on fitness levels.

The entire series will be available this week, we’re in the process of wrapping things up and we got a few pre-release copies out for review.

Personally, I see a lot of value in the use of space and equipment to get a complete picture and Angela and Charlie deliver very well in these films. I hope you enjoy them.

Sounds very interesting.

Nice!!! You’d be surprised on the level of fitness you can achieve in your basement. Cant wait to see this one.

does it include speedball? :wink:

After this one, I suppose the speed alternatives" video will be released too…looking forward to get both.
I love to get creative for conditioning in small spaces indoor…, ad some gymnastic /martial arts /wrestling background comes in hand…

Do you have a speedball in your basement??

not at this stage (although I do have a punch bag). I was being somewhat facetious given some of the discussion on Alan Well’s training.

I bought a small sheet of plywood screwed my speed bag to it and then screwed the plywood and speed bag to the bottom of my back yard porch. Under my deck is the perfect height… and it works great. I even do deadlifts and pull ups under my deck. It just sucks when its cold. I dont mind spartan conditions I just hate bad weather…

You know among my friends i am known as the macguyver of work outs (althogh I cant top charlie’s results)I can basically figure something out from nothing… I guess growing up poor makes you creative LOLOL… I’d love to see Charlie’s take on speed development in tight quaters. Right now, because my schedule, family duties, remodelling my house, I only have access to a barbell (plus 375lbs of weights)/speed bag/EMS/pull ups and dips (i use 2 foldable chairs for dips) I know I can get fit but I am not sure if there will be any speed after the winter…

This basement thing was a good idea. Nice job!!!

Oh yeah if anyone has any ideas on how to put the stuff I have to work on a 6 day on one day off rotation PLEASE by all means feel free :slight_smile:

This film is just about ready to ship. It is 1hour and 41 minute in length and you will need a high speed connection for download. The file is 174megs and you will need a high speed connection.

Repeat downloads will not be permitted so ensure you have high speed before even attempting to download this file

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Hope this helps,

The basement tempo film is now available.

More info here.