New Article on Charlie's Homepage

On the homepage there is a new article by me. I have uploaded a video showing some of the exercises on youtube. You can look at it and we can discuss if you like. It’s called, “you tube leg work”. I’m only going to leave it up for a week or so most likely.

Speaking strictly for myself, the article and video will be very useful. Thanks.

Great. That good to hear.

Charlie, any thoughts?

I like it. The cable RDL in interesting. When do you use it?

First in the standing hip dominate series for high schoolers. I find it so hard to teach hip extension correctly, but it’s also so necessary (as you know). I just tried to find the easiest way to express that.

Cool. I hadn’t seen it before.

I may have made it up,:slight_smile: , not sure. I also came up with an easy teaching squat variation (not shown) during the filming today. Maybe i’ll post it after i try it out for a while with some kids who can’t move. It’s amazing what working with some terrible moving “athletes” will do for you. Ha, ha.

Brad, good stuff.

Gray Cook has used similar cable deadlift patterns in his Hip DVD. The anterior loading does help athletes sit back.

Ground up progressions work great for beginners.

Play around with DB Squat with weights on shoulders in clean rack position (depending on your dumbbell). Sometimes I have to use a vest with dumbbells until they are ready for the bar.

Well done, tnx.
I like rdl cable too, i’ll try it next time on my soccer players.

Nice one … good idea.

[ You could now name it the Kaczmarski Deadlift and promote yourself to guru-ness! :smiley: ]

Ha, I swear it was common, I guess not. It’s more of a teaching tool than an advanced exercise. Funny though:) .

that’s the point. the lifts are known quantities but teaching tools are the key to successful implementation.

Well said. I am learning that more each day I realize.

Nice work. Whose music is that?

Eric Clapton. I just grabbed something off what was already on my Itunes.