new 400H WR

Yuliya Pechyonkina breaks the women’s 400 metres hurdles world record at the Russian championships clocking 52.34


With a new world record, anything we can learn? Jeez, thought people would respond to this one!

hmmmm… not anything that i can say on this site :slight_smile:

but it at least points to the fact the there’s some big room for improvement in the event if the right folks take it up… Privalova showed us that in 2000.

Thin of the differential between the 400hurdles and 400flat records for women (over very low hurdles) and the diff for men. The record could easily go down by another second. Even a 4 sec differential gives 51.60.
Privalova concluded: “Hey, here’s an event with a gold medal for the taking. Might as well take it!”

i agree… there’s no reason why the record couldn’t get down to 51-mid if a 49-low person took it up. But right now there’s no incentive for a 49-low person to take up the hurdles… whereas a 45.5-46.0 can hardly bust a grape.

Sometimes people would rather have the gold then get 10th in the world…it seems like the 100 would not be the case! Bump up and win! Get money through smart contracts with sponsors. Hey swimmers do it.

I think that its really going to mess with Pittman’s mind. There is a lot of interest in 400H at the moment in Australia. Good point Clemson.

Sabine Busch (DDR) a 49.24 performer. She won 87 worlds but best 53.24sec. Perec also bests of 48.2 and 53.2. Must be more to it than diffs.

I don’t know about Perec but Sabina Busch was the world’s worst hurdler! She seemed to polevault over them!

Yeah true, but looked good doing it!
Dcw23, got pix of Sabine? (Berlin result suggests Jana pretty strong between the ears, good retort to Pechonkina’s WR)

Talked to Pittman today after she won Berlin. Her thoughts are it may take sub 52(!) to win Athens. Jana working on eventually trying for a differential of 2.5sec (or 3sec at worst). On her current PB 400 of 50.4 that’s an ambitious 53 flat (near enough, tad under).