Never received my order, what can be done?

Last thread was messed up some reason :confused:

Okay… I placed an order over 2 years ago (11/13/2008 @ 1:55:16 AM) that I never received. All my email directed at info@ have gone unanswered and the item I brought isn’t even sold anymore apparently. It was marked as completed and money was withdrawn from my account but I never received any tracking. I believe it was supposed to be a hard copy as I was charged an $8 shipping fee which won’t make sense for an electronic copy. Sorry I had to take it this far and make it public but it was the only way I can maybe get a response. For reference, the order number is CFS-3106.

Please PM me or email me to rectify this situation.

Same thing happened to me… paid twice… received nothing.

Things were a bit messy for a while there but Ange is doing a lot to rectify things. It might be a tricky given the time of year but I am sure between her and Joe they can sort it out.

What were the products?

Hello and Thank-you for letting me know that you have had a problem with and a purchase from our store.
I have been aware of an issue with certain products and am working to solve this as soon as possible.
Please contact me directly at and I will make sure you are properly looked after.

I appreciate feedback and information regarding the operation of
If you need to contact me have your order number and information of your specific concern so I can best serve you.
Orders in the last 6 months to one year maximum will take highest priority.
I appreciate your understanding and thank you again for your on going support.
Angela Coon

Ultimate Coaching Series #1

Ms. Coon, I have sent out the email.


Sent proof over 3 weeks ago and now my emails are being ignored.

Ms. Coon,
Thanks so much for your help in getting me my refund
for the GPP dvd’s. You have been a tremendous help and I
certainly wanted to let you know this. Thanks again, and
I hope everything is going well for you.

Thanks for your note and I hope you enjoyed the GPP download.
Please let us know what you think.
Angela Coon

Same thing happened here…
had to buy a dvd (jane project) times… as rupert did not want to send me another one.

Its a shame.
Hope now things will be better

There have been lots of changes to in the past year.
I have appreciated everyone’s interest in keeping this site alive and moving forward.
I am confident that when people have a problem or a concern they will contact me through the pm system, explain to me their issue and I will do my best to resolve this in a timely fashion.
Thank-you to everyone for their continued support.