Nerve transmition food.

…or rather, what supplements etc, help with;

Nerves, nervous system, synapses, neural transmition etc…
Muscle relaxation and contraction.

I imagine allmost all nutrition does but what supplements and other foods
are NOTED for these areas?

Aminos, vit B, Zinc etc?

I know magnesium is very important in keeping the nervous system from getting overactive.

B6-muscle relaxation but other benefits

B12-nervous system recovery

water :slight_smile:


what about preventing low blood glucose levels? Insulin control is vital here.

On a personal level - I find sleep the biggest ingredient for me.

Thanks for the replies.

I’ll carry on with whey protein as it’s stacked with b6 and b12.

Clemson, I’m wondering if my blood glucose is to high ratehr than low as I eat a lot of rice and bananas, and sometimes chocolate. Or maybe that cuases me blood glucose to dip after an initial increase?

Water and sleep, the best.

Magnesium prevents nervous system from becoming over-active? I assume it does not stop the nervous system firing at high speeds though when needed to etc?

I believe magnesium is more of a muscle relaxant than a nervous system calmer.

By relaxing the body magnesium keeps the nervous system from being constantly stimulated which will help with neural recovery.

I would add lecithin into the nerve transmission food category as well.