Need your guys advice

I went to see one of the coaches at the university that i plan to try out for and he told me to register with the NCAA clearinghouse, which i knew i had to do, but he said that he doest think that i will qualify to play this fall. So that means that i would have to sit out this season and get with the team in the winter. That sucks considering I am already 23 years old and time is not on my side in that aspect.

So what i was thinking that i might do is to play in a summer semi-pro league just to get the expirience points. But the other option would be to just bust my ass until i can get my shot with the team. Training, running, all that jazz. Which i would still do while playing but with less intensity as i would have to treat it as in season training.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Any advice would be great!

Play and train. It’s harder to get back in once you’ve been out. Sitting out a year ain’t bad in the long run. Do you still have all your eligibility?

I will have 3 years but i can earn a forth…

Thanks for the response!

Play! That is the most sports specific training you can get. Plus if you really love football, you won’t be able to stay off the field anyway.

You don’t lose eligiblity from semi-pro? Can’t you greyshirt?

Don’t quote me on this but I think since i am not under scholorship and not officailly affiliated with the team. I can do pretty much whatever i want as long as i maintain an amatuer status.

And i cant be grey shirted or anything like that b/c its not the team saying i cant work with them its NCAA rules. Since i’m not qualified with the NCAA clearinghouse i’m not allowed to be around the team until i am qualified.