Need some info plase

Hey guys, i have a few questions.
Right now i am trying to develop as much sprint speed as possible. I am focusing strictly on acceleration and top end speed. I have just purchased the CFTS and am about about to start researching that once i get my computer back from the shop and can download the CFTS on my laptop (my cousin spilled a drink on it). I have researched the info on this site and have seen where sprinting up slight hills can improve acceleration. I wanted to know if it would be best to do this on grass hills or pavement hills? I would think that with pavement or cement hills you would have a much better grip. What do you think about this? Also…i have been doing some sprint work lately by sprinting while pulling a tire for 60-70 meters. I usualy do this on a rubberized track and the tire is pretty light. I don’t want to use anything too heavy b/c i dont want the resistance to be so much that it would interfere with my form or mechanics. What are the benefits of sprinting with light resistance like a tire?, and is it ok to do this on a rubberized track or should i do it on grass? Doing it on the track never causes me any pain so i would imagine the track would be ok? Please fill me in with these answers, and just to reiterate, I have purchased Charlie’s book and will download it and research it once i get my laptop back in a couple of days. THANKS FOR ANY HELP!

it depends on the degree of a hill and the resulting speed, if you are in GPP, SPP and so on.
Improving sprints takes a lot of time and patience, but if you do it correct it works out…

I do most hill work on pavement hills or sth like that, not too soft

If in GPP I prefer to do hill work on grass with my athletes. It puts a lot less stress on the body, less problems with shin splints, and the feet once your getting into SPP.

Thanks guys for your replies. What do you think of the tire sprints? Again, i use a very light tire. I know that Charlie says to avoid using too much resistance. I simply use a thin rope that is attached to the tire and i tie it around my waist. Can these light resisted sprints help me over time? Again, thanks for the replies.

Personally I have found better results in the past with uphill sprints and normal non resisted accelerations. However, if the tire pulls are not altering your mechanics as you have stated you should be fine. And I would keep the accelerations at short distances 10-30 meters. Once you hit 60-70 meters you will be getting more into speed endurance, and if your in GPP you probably don’t want to get into speed endurance work outs yet. What phase of training are you in? How do you have your program set up?