Need help on supplements

I’m pretty new to using using supplements, and I need help on what to use.
At the moment I just use creatine(liquid) before exercise and whey protein after hard workouts.
As a sprinter and long jumper, I need help on how to take seconds off, my records haven’t changed with more intense workouts for about 7 months now and I’m desperate to find a way to fix it!
By the way, I’m 23 so I don’t think I’m too young for supplements!

Liquid creatine isn’t the way to go IF you are going to be using it. Basic creatine monohydrate, 2-3g per day will suffice. BUT, this will not matter either way if the training program isn’t sound. What about your lifestyle? Sleep patterns? Alot of variables come into play! Need some specifics my man.

Yea, liquid creatine is crap. I know there is at least one analysis saying that liquid creatine is worthless and completely inferior to the powder version.

I agree with WRCortese, supplements aren’t always the biggest factor compared to factors like lifestyle & sleep, etc.

I’ve recently been researching some new websites to buy my supplements and came across - you can design your own supplements (% whey, % dextrose etc). Has anyone ever used them? Would u recommend them?