Need Chiropractic Help (but cant afford it)

I currently would like to get my back straightened out, because I feel as if its out of alignment. I have had this happened before, and my parents actually let me go that time. That time my bad was twisted and looked almost like an S in the lower back. Now, I did it then originally because I thought I had hurt my muscle, but turned out the back problem was causing it. He helped me enough to make the problem disapear. I don’t know if it was completly fixed, though, because my “parent” made it so I cant get anymore treatment. Even then, my muscle issue was fixed.

Now I feel that my back is out of alignment again. I would like to go see the Chiropractor, but my “parents” refuse to pay for it. I do have a job, but can’t afford chiropractor, and still cover food and gas, etc…

So, is there anyway I can get aid to pay for it? Or is there anyway that I can do self help to straighten it? I know where people can hang from something parallel from the ground for decompression, but also can straighten there backs as well doing it.

So, anyone have any ideas as to what I can do?

#1 Go to and search for a therapist in your area

#2 Explain your situation and hope for the best. A guy in my area (will remain nameless) who has worked on some recent gold medalists was able to work out a deal with me that was VERY reasonable, seeing as I am a high school athlete and dedicated. Explain your situation and show some of your knowledge and research and ask for some relief. It may not work, but it sounds like your only shot.

Could you explain exactly what you told this guy that made him break a deal with you?

Also, how do you make time to go to the chiropractor, go to school, and train? The plan I had was missing my last period class (doctor excuse) go to it, then train. Can’t do it Saturday, because I work all day then. Can’t do it Sunday because no one works then. The only problem with that is that my parents don’t want to let me out of school then. I will be turning 18 in less than 2 days, so I guess I could just sign myself out and get a doctors excuse. Wish doctors worked later in the day, but they dont.

Anyways, again, what did you tell this guy to break a deal with him and how do you find time to go to the Chiropractor?

I wasn’t planning on getting a deal in the first place. It was more like we talked for a while about therapy options and what I can do on my own then he offered to check me out @ a reduced price for as long as it took to solve my problem(s). He could tell I had done my research and that I was very dedicated, which I am going to guess helped. How did I find time? I went during the winter break (this is not a daily or weekly thing).

Training after the chiro? Why? You are trying to correct things and you are getting it done before? If you aren’t getting daily therapy, which is more of a check-up than correction, then you need to put chiro work at the very least a couple hours after training, if not on your tempo day.

How do you make time for school and training and everything? Let’s see…

7:30-2:20 School
3-5:30 Train
6:30-7:00 Dinner
7:00-Whenever Homework, Studying, Massage, Out with friends/lady, etc.

If I need therapy work right after school or I am too tired to train:

7:30-2:20 School
3-5:30 Therapy and/or nap/relaxation time
6-6:30: Dinner (6:30-7:00 if it is just a tempo workout)
7:00-9:00 Training
9:00-Homework, study, relax

Thanks for letting me know how your day works, lol. :slight_smile:

I know how to time manage my time, just curious how you would do it with therapy going on. Anyways, 7:00-9:00pm?!?! Did you work a deal with a coach to leave the lights on for you?:slight_smile: (I’m actually serious about that question, do you train in pitch black or lights?) Also, do you run unattached or under a school?

Most doctors work 9-5. I train 3:30 to 5-6:xx. Tuesday and Thursday would be my lower intensity out of all the weeks, and would be the best time to pull it. I’m trying to get my back fixed, thats really it. Not looking for a massage person.

I run under a school. My school has an indoor facility (~45-50m of runway space, hurdles, wall for medball throws, etc) and weightroom that can be used and is generally open until at least 9 pm. When I have problems with that, I go to a nearby college that has an o.k. indoor facility (jogging track with ~30-35m of runway + weightroom).

Most doctors work 9-5. I train 3:30 to 5-6:xx. Tuesday and Thursday would be my lower intensity out of all the weeks, and would be the best time to pull it. I’m trying to get my back fixed, thats really it. Not looking for a massage person.

As I said before, you are trying to correct a problem. If you’re trying to correct it, then do it either a couple hours after training (high intensity training that is) or on your low intensity/off days because you are not getting daily therapy (there is a big difference of scheduling if you are getting therapy daily for therapeutic purposes). What time do you get out of school? Just do a light workout/extended warm-up (if that’s all you have time for) and then go to the chiro.

Hey Commanch,

I would love to give you my example with back problems when I was in high-school (not so long ago).
Since 12. year, I experienced “back problems” and pain down my leg (without previous injury or something), and today I am certain this is because priformis syndrome causing it! I usualy stretch it and I find relief, but when I sit or ly for prolonged time, I got symptoms again…
But anyway, in high-school the problems culminated, I was thinking that I was not “aligned” or something even having slight scoliosis! For some period I was unable to walk normaly (I pinched something trying to stretch at home), so I went to a local bone-breaker and he fixed it! But enough on me…
Back problems aint solved by visiting a doctor!!! If you have pain you should take a picture (MRI, CT) of them to look if it is something more serious…
Solving back problems actually induce great change in your training and daily living! It all depends on your movement patterns - how do you use your back and your core training philosophy. Since I avoid flexing/bending of my spine I feel wonderfull!
Your disaligment may be because muscle imbalances, bone asymetrics (this is most serious one if it is large) or even functional (different inervation of muscles ), proprioceprive problem (your perception of you back). For the last two there is no need for “cracking back” or manual therapy but rather a proces of re-education on back patterns… It all depends, there is no just one cure foreverything! I dont know wha your problem is exaclty so I dont know what to suggest you…
Manual spine elongation may cause pain and relief in some patients (it depends where is the
nerve pinched), so seek for the advice first!
I can only strongly suggest reading two books from Stuart McGill: Low back disorders, Ultimate back fitness and performance. They changed my life, but if you are looking for something about correcting scoliosis, kiphosis, lordosis, you aint find these topics inside, but anyway, any coach/athlete should read those two books!
I hope I helped a bit…

Isnt in USA chiropractor under health insurance? (read FREE)?

The most important que
Find the cause and fix it, not the consequence…

If you dont find the cause, you will likely feel the need to go to chiro for a lifetime. And the cause is somewhere in your daily living, training, posture at school…

When I answered you about warm-up, I said that I kicked-out statical stretches, but most important I kicked out dynamical/statical spine stretches (cobras, scorpions, knee to a side, -flexion, axt, rot, lat bend) and only do gentle cat/camil and stabilization exercises (you got them in the latest McGill book)
If you stretch your back, most importantly you hold stretch for 30secs right(?), then you can induce instability, and who knows, maybe your back problems are because of this…?

Here is one article from Mike Boyle, which you can find usefull

2:45. I might be able to pull it off after training on low intensity training days, but it would be pushing it. I don’t train at my current school (long story).


I actually don’t do any back things. I only recently (after your post) tried it. I do it for 15 sec just going up from the ground, then 15 sec doing the opposite move. Thats it. This problem occurred before I began this. Doing the two moves actually makes me feel better about my back. I have ideas of what might cause my problem, but need to fix my problem before I can prevent it. The Chiropractor takes x-rays to check (more ways than most doctors).

No, in the USA, chiropractors are considered quacks. It may be covered under certain plans, but the US medical field doesn’t believe in chiropractors.

Hi commanch,

I can only suggest you one thing… Go to chiropractor and ask for his diagnosis and what cause it, how to avoid it and prevent it from happening again! Try to ask him what is the cause and how to fix it…
Second suggestion would be to sit with your parents and talk about it… I had troubles with my mum not believing me that my back hurts!!! Do you belive this??
If you have docs report from last time (or X ray report) post here, maybe someone could understand it :smiley:

I really believed that chiro is under health insurance in USA! Or it was Canada?

Its probably under Canada, I think they have “free health care”. I know what happened last time, and I think it is the same thing. I will find the cash, and figure this out. I will ask him what might cause it, but I am sure I already have an answer to that (plural).

I went to a chiropractor last Spring for my back and also because of hamstring issues (he was an ART practicioner). There was a deductable to go through at first, but after that the insurance picked up the rest and all that was required was a co-pay everytime I went. Maybe it’s not like that everywhere, but could give you an idea what to expect…


Lower the volume then (notice I said an extended warm-up is a possibility?). Get your problems fixed. Don’t do something just because it’s on the paper. Get your problem fixed and get on with it.

I crack my own back when I’m out of alignment. I sit on the floor with one knee to my chest and crossed over my other leg, then I yank my body to the other side. Works like a charm.

Great idea Blinky!

I assume you do this while sitting up, not laying down. Is that correct?

I tried it that way, and actually did feel some difference. I will be going to the chiro tomorrow anyways, because last time my back looked like an S and was twisted at the same time!!!

But dont think it is that bad, but probably has the same qualities. But great idea none the less blinky, and please correct me if I didn’t understand you correctly.

Yep, I think you got it. Sitting up like the stretch some people do. Then just relax, and twist your body.

Yeah, I do this too, just while lying on the back, and put my knee to a side! It realy loosen my back! But, for couple of weeks now I kicked this out of my warm-up for reasons already mentioned!
BTW, scorpions can be used too…

To crack up upper back:

  1. Lie on the floor on your back. Knees bent. Arms around your head. Easily pull your head to your chest not lifting back. CRACK
  2. Same position. One arm up, and the other down (one is straight down to butt, and the other is straight over the head, both on the floor). Push both hands and reach af far as you can (reach with one arm down, and the other as far behind the head). CRACK
  • It is good that before those two you do easy cat/camel exercise.

Those two really align me. After them I do some exercise on the stomack and stability exercises.

  1. Arms and legs on the floor, together straight. Head (forehead) on the floor. Lift arsm only as high as you can but keep the forehead on the floor or slighty lifted (1cm). Hold 6-8sec. Relax for couple sec and repeat. You can try with your hands aside (similar to letter T)
  2. Same thing just lift the legs. DOnt lift them too much, just as high enough that your knees are slighty above the floor. Forehead on the floor.
  3. Again, same thing, just lift one hand and contra leg.
  4. Big Three from McGill
  5. Bridges hold for 6-8secs

After mobilizing spine, stabilize it!