2003 NCAA 400m:

  1. Adam Steele 44.57,
  2. Otis Harris 44.57,
  3. Mitch Potter 44.58 -

If the result (above) is correct, that’s the closest medals spread I’ve heard of.
Anyone care to give an eye-witness account.
Anyone know much about these three who are obviously already brilliant athletes.

Incredible results. What’s going on at the University of Minnesota? I’d like to see what kind of program they are using there. Two guys in the top three from a Big Ten school with obviously less than optimal weather to train in. Anybody know what their training looks like?

Adam Steele, previous PB 45.57!

Otis Harris, previous PB 45.42!

Mitch Potter, previous PB 44.93

Some PBs smashed.
Must have been one hell of a race!

steeles best prior to his 45 before nationals was 46! this dude came outta nowhere!!!

Excellent results! Do they have the same coach? What are they doing in training? Something special?

44.5 is no joke…it would be interesting to see what they do for training.

mitch potter has a training journal at, but unfortuneatly it does not give a whole lot of info. And seems more around the time he was tapering instead of when he was building the base to run that fast.

Clemson e-mail the coach