Here it is folks the race you’ve all been waiting to see!! LOL.

Here is the D3 NCAA 55 meter dash. My teamate (Nick Wetherby) in the white and red uniform took second in 6.39. He ran 6.41 in the Trials. The winner won in 6.35.
Nick was also the d3 100 meter champ outdoors last year and his PR is 10.55.

Check out the videos and any critique on what he can improve upon is encouraged.



Please Right Click and Save. I think this only can be viewed 25 times or so. So Id like as many ppl as possible to be able to view it. Thanx!

Was Mount Union at this meet?

Doesn´t work anymore…

Man, that was quick. That didnt work out too well. If anyone else is interested let me know and ill do it again I suppose.

Post the trials again. Do you run in any of the races?

It takes long to upload them onto that site since I dont have my own FTP site.

Now im not on the races. Its my teamate. I missed making the meet in the LJ by 6 inches.

Ill let everyone know when I post them again.

Really? It worked for me. I’m downloading the Finals video right now.

Did you see Mount Union there? That is most likely the school I’ll be going to.

Its the NCAA championships. Anyone in DIII that qualifys can go. Check the results to see if anyone from Mt.Union was there.

Really ? yeah, probabily you got the “html” pages…:frowning:

I was intrested to see but it didn’t work out with me.

Nah, nah. I got the video. All 29.5MB of it. :slight_smile:
I’ll tell you about it. Camera is zoomed in, gun goes off, camera zooms out, some dude pulls up with an injury. It’s all very exciting.

Maybe you guys aren’t clicking the links properly? You gotta left click.

Thanks for the vid Quik.

Not sure which videos you were watching :confused:

Anyhow, I am setting up a hosting site within the next few days. I will let everyone know when its up.

hey, if u wanna free hosting site, just go to and sign up there. U get a crap load of space for free, and its easy. When u upload the video just post the link here. Even though if made for breakdancers, u can get away with posting sprint videos.

Im actually using Bad Blue.

For some reason its not working though. I think it has something to do w my router config. Ill figure it out when I get some time.

Hey, I almost forgot, I got a website up for a project, u can post videos, as long as the size isn’t over 3500kb.
Its on my website so u guys have permession to post track videos and stuff. Let me know if u need more space. heres the link

thanx. but my files are all avi quality and are all around 66mb.

try rapid share

The person haa to select the download type and wait 35 secs before he can download, but its free and easy, just upload and post link

The file stays for 30 days, and can be downloaded as many times as you want