NBA Final: G5 - :This is not track and field" - Detroit coach.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 21 - Detroit coach Larry Brown has come to the defence of Pistons’ forward Rasheed Wallace after Wallace’s blunder in game five of the National Basketball Association finals led to Robert Horry’s game winning shot.
I don't want any one guy to take any (blame) personally. This is not track and field. This is a team sport,'' Brown said. I guess there was miscommunication, but ultimately it’s on me.’’
San Antonio won game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead after Horry inbounded a pass on a timeout to Manu Ginobli who dished it right back to a wide open Horry for a three pointer and 96-95 win.
While all this was going on, Wallace left the sweet-shooting Horry unprotected to go double team Ginobili. Horry, who has a history of making long-range game winners, buried the shot with just 5.8 seconds left on the clock.
But just because he was defending Wallace it did not mean Brown was happy with the outcome.
My background, down two (points), I'm damned if I let my guy take a three,'' he said. I’m telling them nine seconds, we’ll take it to the rim, get fouled, get a chance to offensive rebound.
Ultimately, maybe we didn't say it enough.'' Callers to Detroit sports talk radio stations have been letting surly Wallace have it. When the Pistons lose he is usually the one that takes the blame and Sunday's blunder provided his critics with more ammunition. The Pistons face elimination in Tuesday's game six in San Antonio but Wallace is confident they can recover from the crushing defeat. Our spirits are still high,’’ Wallace said. ``In order to win this series, you’ve got to win four games, not three.’’