Navy SEALS Training

I did 5years in the Navy, and 1.5 of those years were spent in BUD/S.

Made it through:
1st Phase/Hellweek
2nd/Dive Phase

Performanced dropped my first time through. 5 days from 3rd phase. Couldn’t pass 4mile timed runs.

Medically dropped my second time through, for hypo-glycemia.

Here’s what I can tell you:
You have a distinct advantage if you

  1. are a good middle distance runner (eg can run <7min miles in boots and fatigues on sand, with absolutely no problem)
  2. are comfortable being harrassed under water
  3. weigh less than 200lbs
  4. have no problem with spending a lot of time in cold water
  5. are lucky enough to go un-injured
  6. Refuse to quit
  7. are a good middle distance runner
  8. are a good middle distance runner
  9. are a good middle distance runner
  10. are a good middle distance runner…


I have completed this and it is a major mother fucker. We actually used a similiar cycle with variations for many of our field sports such as soccer, field hockey, lacrosse etc…(minus the swimming and sprints instead of endurance running) It was great because we could get it done out on the field in a short amount of time. Add in some quick jumps and flex training and the coach was able to get in an extra 30-40minutes of skill development. The athletes liked the progressions as well as they new what they had to do to make it.