Navy Lacrosse conditioning

Pre-season GPP -


Sounds like fun, however do you think this will help their performance or overtrain them prior to the season??? I do not know, just curious about everyone’s viewpoints, it is probably good prep for navy/army guys who after school may be going off to war, or in some guys cases special forces training…for things like BUDS I think them dudes would benefit greatly from this type of training, more strength endurance/ mental strength conditioning…maybe this stuff works well for lacrosse, I never played lax so I have no damn clue but would like to hear from guys who play…do you guys think training like this is beneficial to your lax performance, or do you guys who play feel that a more structured program would benefit better ?

It looks like a fairly decent GPP to me, especially considering what most lacrosse teams end up doing (long slow distance) - the article states that they don’t do it longer than a couple weeks, then move to other stuff.

As far as it helping me I noticed my big breakthroughs in play involved increasing speed skill and strength. I did lay a foundation though, so it makes sense to me.

As a whole USNA’s team speed is pretty great.

It probably does work well to enhance team building.

observe the wheels:

not navy but best celebration of the year:

Sounds pretty stupid.

It’s another case of somebody not knowing how to train for the sport, so they do a bunch of pointless non-specific work which they think is good because it’s fatiguing. You’re better off doing 30 sets of summersault’s followed by a 5km swim.

Agree. No wonder why Dingman left (he’s the guy in my avatar #1).