Natural test levels

For the last 3yrs, I’ve been using a zinc complex,
Zinc, magnesium n b6.
I take this just before bed.

Helps sleep big time. Wake up with less hrs sleep and feeling more refreshed

Test levels appear almost like that of a teenager… (I’m 37)

I just started taking the same after about 5 years of not taking it. It makes the world of difference in my sleep. I didnt do a pre/post for my test levels

What brand are you using? Is it separate or all in one? I tried some kind of ZMA but didnt feel anything.

I’ve tried a few,
Herron - Zinc complex (so far seems the best, and cheapest)
The zinc is in amino acid chelate - which makes a huge difference from other brands i have tried.

Though, not sure if Herron is worldwide? I have a feeling it’s an Aussie brand??

I’ve only seen two others who didn’t respond to this brand - potentially, their systems are that low? (with those two, i wouldn’t say too high at all - they have issues…)

I really notice if i don’t take it - I sleep in and still feel tired even with extra sleep.

I have tried many ZMA brands over the years (since 2005). I can say after all those experiences that the brand Charlie was promoting worked best for me.

Snac system ZMA (far better than the Zma-5) Victor Conte

Speaking of testosterone, my free testosterone is very good and one of the supp I take around 2 months a year is Libido-stim by design for health(winter), IMO this is the best testosterone booster in the market (I have worked two years in a supp store, cheap price so I have tried many!).