Myspace craze

I know is pretty popular around where I’m from- seems as if everyone and their mother has it! Curious to see who on has a webpage set up with!

I’ll start.

What is the purpose of myspace? Is it just for college kids to give a biography of themselves? Or, is it like a personal ad to hook up with someone? I’m not trying to be difficult, I honestly don’t know.

haha I guess you could say both. People use it for all sorts of things, you can find pretty much find anything.

I started a Charlie Francis Fan Club!!

Here’s my myspace

Check this out and keep an eye on those myspace profiles…

Is their goal to get MYSPACE shut down? other words, is it their goal to censor myspace?

i just discovered myspace,
its so cool
mine is

my new bands is

please leave comments about the music

and ruperts has one
check his lastest blog, very cool stuff

and for all those that cant get enough of CF go to

see you on myspace!!!

The John shown on the page linked above is not me.

To anyone with the Youtube videos, go into your profile and edit it, take off this stuff “. … width=“425” height=“350”>” and this “…>.”

Makes it look a lot neater and doesn’t edit out your video.