My Training

Well, since now I’ve got a little bit of a sprinting emphasis on my training now, I suppose I’ll keep a log here.


16 years old
196 pounds

Reach: 8’2-3 (depending on the shoes)
Wingspan: 6’6.5

High Touch PB: 11’6
Standing VJ: 34 inches
Running VJ: 39 inches
SBJ: 9’0 (First time doing it since August though, definite room for technical improvement)

32 yards: (3.97 sec) [measured incorrectly for 30m, very much something I would do]

60m: (7.5 HT on concrete with sore, messed up quads…looking forward to owning this time next time I sprint)

My strength is marginal at best:
Full squat PB: 300 pounds with maybe 10 left in me
Bench press: ~180 pounds
Deadlift: 350 pounds in October

Training emphasis: 1a and 1b are jumping and sprinting. I love to dunk…so I’m trying to get to around 44 running so my head is at rim level. I drool thinking of what I could do at that height.

Training style: Kind of a mixture between the Inno-sport methods (which I’ve made almost all of my jumping progress off of), and CFTS as I am adding tempo into the mix. The better shape I get in from tempo, the more other methodics from Charlie I look to put in to my system. I dont want to rush things though and I won’t hesitate to remove anything that is not helping, and/or hurting recovery.

Weaknesses: Strength, work capacity, speed endurance


Recently I have had a pretty hectic schedule…setting up for prom during almost all of my off time. Either due to this, or some other reason, my strength has been down by a good bit. I worked my estimated full squat to about 315…then after all this work, and throwing in some sprinting to the mix, I got to where 275 is difficult. However, my lifting has recently (since my strength’s decline) been after intense sprinting and/or 5+ hours of setting up prom. So I cant really tell if I’m just a little worn out.

Finally done with all this prom jazz. Got wasted after prom but still feel great today. Didnt sleep any last night, got home at 8:30am and slept until 4:30pm. I wont workout today because I dont feel that I can set any PBs when I was still drinking/smoking at 6:00am.

I did win both events in the drunk olympics though…won the sprint massively, and won the wrestling…pwn.

I’ll do a 60m sprint and then some lowerbody weights tomorrow.

You won’t be setting too many PB’S (of note) if you keep to that discipline mate lol, sheesh, i guess your a ‘social’ athlete. No offence

None taken. It was after prom though so I decided to have fun. I literally never drink/smoke…and the smokin just kinda went with the drinking.

Anyway, feeling great today and should smack my 60m time in about 3 hours.

Well, 3.5 hours after waking up I went outside to run/jump.

Todays bests:

Standing Broad Jump: 9’3.5" PB!

30m sprint: 4.32 against some wind >:(

Notes: Didnt feel very explosive today, and felt like I was running pretty slow although I’m sure the wind played a part in it as well. My jumps didnt feel very good - especially my vertical jumps, so I am happy with the PB in the SBJ. Just dissappointed with the sprint.

I’m thinking about lowering my amount of sprinting for a while. It is affecting my weightlifting…so I’ll probably just sprint once every 2-3 sessions, and work on jumping more often. My jumping technique is starting to get rusty, and thats my main focus.

I decided against a 60m sprint since my 30m times were well below what I was capable of.

Lowerbody weights tonight.

Question: Could getting really drunk less than 36 hours before my workout have affected things at all? This was my most lethargic workout in quite some time…

ok then, as long as it’s not a regular it shouldn’t affect your ability too much.

yeh that’s the trouble with drinking and doing whatever else, dehydration and you also slow/stop/reverse the repair happening in your muscles.That’s why you want to keep competitive sport/excessive drinking seperate because they don’t mix well.

Yeah, I’m kind of embarrassed that on my second post in my journal it mentions me getting drunk. I take my training way more seriously than that, and it was a bad representation of my dedication. Just when it’s prom night there is just a little extra incentive to let loose.

Thanks for the info. I thought that 36 hours after drinking id be okay to sprint so I drank…if I would have known I’d be so off today I either wouldnt have done it, or rescheduled things a bit differently.

Anyway, I’m about to warmup for weights. I’m hoping things go a little bit better than they have today/this past two weeks.


PIM Squat [top of thigh to parallel]

275 pounds x 3.5 reps

Goodmornings [3-5 sec pause at bottom]

95 pounds x 8 reps [not max]

PIM Deadlift

295 pounds x 1 rep [using almost only legs]
355 pounds x FAIL [using almost only legs]

Pistol Squats + 25 pounds

Left Leg x 3 reps [not max]
Right Leg x 3 reps [not max] PB! +3 reps

Natural Assisted GHR’s

5 reps [not max]

Decent session; set a PB in my pistol squat and appear to be approaching my old squat numbers. I felt really strong on the 295 pound deadlift, so I thought I could get 355, which would be a PB, but it wasnt even close. If I used a little bit more back in it I probably could have gotten it, but I want to do true deadlifts. I could have used alot more weight on the goodmornings, but at 135 pounds last time my form felt a little off. Knocking the weght down was a good idea, but I went a little overboard.

Reminder: get back to ab work, havent done any in prolly a month.


PIM Bench Press

  1. 155 pounds x 5.5 reps
  2. 155 pounds x 2.5 reps [Drop-off]

BW Pullups

  1. 7.5 reps PB!
  2. 5.5 reps [Drop-off]

PIM Seated Military Press

  1. 95 pounds x 7.5 reps PB!
  2. 95 pounds x 5.0 reps [Drop-off]

Then I did a little bit of weighted ab work with 35 pounds. (10 crunches, 10 twisting crunches (per side), 5 v-crunches, and some ISO leg lifts)

Pretty good workout considering this is my first upperbody lifting since an An3 workout ~20 days ago. Set two PB’s (Pullups + 1.5 reps, Military + 1 rep).

Rest and massage tomorrow.

Well, an hour after waking up from a 2 hour nap I went outside to jump.

Todays bests:

Standing Vertical Jump (CMJ):

32" (this felt very affected by not being fully awake)

Single Leg Triple Jumps:

  • LLL x 21’9
  • RRR x 19’9

Standing Broad Jump:

Official 9’2…not bad considering the low vert

Unofficial 9’6+ [I jumped, but I landed on a slick bit of grass with my right foot. My left foot was planted at 9’8, and I dont THINK it slid any, and my right slid well past 10’4. This was easily my best feeling jump I’ve done - even felt floatish - but I’m not going to count it. IF I it is a legit 9’8, d**n. 9’8 one hour after waking up would be pretty awesome for me. I need to go out there 100% ready next time and see what I can do]

Good avatar!

we have the same wingspan, I’m 5’10" :confused:

You have a 6’6.5 wingspan at 5’10?! Wow, whats your reach?

I not sure what it is exactly, but comparing to the height of the door I would guestimate around 7’6" - 7’8"

Either you measured your wingspan wrong, you have the worlds widest chest, you measured your wingspan wrong, or you measured your wingspan wrong. :slight_smile:



About 1.5 hours after an hour nap I went to workout:

PIM Deadlift
-warmups: 135x4, 225x2

  1. 315 pounds x 3 reps
  2. 315 pounds x 1 rep [Drop-off]

Pistol Squats

Left Leg: BW + 35 pounds x 5 reps [not max - 1 or 2 left in me] PB! +10 pounds, >1 rep

Right Leg: BW + 35 pounds x 4 reps [failed on rep 5] PB! +10 pounds, 1 rep

Ab work (35 pounds):

10 crunches, 10 twisting crunches (per side), 5 V-crunches, light ISO leg raises

Great workout…and really happy with the pistol squats. Deadlift should go up rapidly once I put more work into it. I’m capable of 400ish in 3-4 weeks I would think.

Bodyweight has increased slightly to 199. Some is muscle, but some fat - d**n chocolate cake.


Bench Press

  1. 165 pounds x 4.0 reps
  2. 155 pounds x 3.5 reps [Dropoff]


  1. BW + 10 pounds x 4.75 reps [used too much arms, not enough back]
  2. BW x 5.5 reps [Dropoff]

Seated Military Press

  1. 105 pounds x 4 reps

Went a little light on the second set of pullups and didnt do a second set on military presses because it appears that my upper back either hasnt recovered, or is in a hole from deadlifts yesterday.

Overall a good workout…and it appears that I will be at PB level for my bench press in a few more workouts. Already close to a non-creatine assisted PB. My PB should be right around 180, and all-time is 201 (195x2). My best non-creatine assisted was 185.

I dont really care about upperbody that much, I’ll just be happy with a 225 1rm. All I want is a strong back and shoulders…a good bench would just be “nice”.


Took the SAT this morning…only got about 6 hours of sleep, so when I got in I took a nap. About 1.5-2 hours after I woke up I went outside to test all my jumps.

CMJ Test

Best of 32.75" (well, pretty much every jump was this height)

SBJ Test

Best of 9’4 PB, +.5"

Single Leg Triple Jump

LLL x 22’ PB, + 3"
RRR x 21’ PB! + 1’3"

Well, I didnt really expect anything special today as I got little sleep, and then had to take a 5 hour test. My VJ is a bit down, but the coordination is back - got away from it for too long. Should be back up to around 34 next testing session if I get enough rest the night before. My SBJ went up probably just due to technical gains - if my VJ power is down, I really doubt my SBJ power is up.

Note: Never again will I do a 1 leg triple jump 3 days after heavy deadlifts - I’m saving those for the test session after my squat workout as it’s obvious my posterior chain hasnt recovered. It probably didnt help any that the ground was moist, and I made a 2 inch dibit every time my heels hit off of a SLTJ final landing. I know I set PB’s, but these actually felt far worse than my last SLTJ’s 4 days ago…tough to explain but I’m dissappointed. Hopefully 4 days from now I’ll find some way to get it over 23’ R and 22’ L while getting my VJ back up to 34.

Oh, and my running VJ is low as shit (maybe 35") and my 1-step VJ was the same as my standing. Reeaaaaaally not good. Again, hoping this is due to heavy DL’s 3 days ago.

Bleh, bad conditions, bad workout.

I went to the gym at around 3:30 and played one full court pickup game. I basically loafed around the whole time…jogged a little, etc. I took it really light. This was my first time playing bball in over a month and it was really obvious. I was only 2/4 even though I was the tallest guy out there by 2-3 inches. One of my shots was just embarrassing as I backed my guy down and didnt realize I was under the goal…basically shot into the bottom of the backboard. I redeemed myself on the next posession and did a two hand tomohawk from standing off of an offensive rebound…so its all good.

After the game I got a little loose and did some running jumps. I touched 18" over rim…basically 1 inch away from my elbow (38-39" vertical), so I am happy with that. I was 0/2 on windmills because I havent done any dunking in so long…but my tomohawks were floatish. After my dunking i got this girl there to tell me how far my head was from the rim on my jumps, supposedly right around 4, maybe 5 inches. I can live with that :slight_smile:

Oh and btw, I should easily be over 40 running now - for one this was my first time doing a running jump in probably a month, and second the floor was really dirty and my runup wasnt optimal. On one 39" jump my shoe actually slid in and my ankle went out…surprised I even got over 35. I would think just with a clean court and a couple more days of jumping I would be 40-41"-ish…guess I’ll find out this summer as I dont envision me going back to the gym for a while.

Anyway, got home…yadda yadda, then about 7:30 I go upstairs to lift. I didnt really feel like lifting but I need to stay on schedule. It just sucks that 6-7 max effort jumps can have me feeling so I dont want to lift…40" ADA’s are intense!

PIM Squat - top of thighs to JUST under parallel

  • 135x3, 225x1
  1. 285 pounds x 2 reps

PIM Goodmorning
5 second pause at bottom

  1. 115 pounds x 6 reps (not max, but still rough on the hammies)

Pistol Squats

1a) Left Leg: BW + 45 pounds x 4 reps PB! +10 pounds, -1 or 2 reps
1b) Right Leg: BW + 45 pounds x 3 reps PB! +10 pounds, -1 rep

Abs: 35 pounds x 10 crunches, 10 twisting crunches (per side), 5 V-crunches, ISO leg raises

Notes: Squats felt pretty affected by the jumping earlier…goodmornings didnt though as its a totally different movement.

Pistol squats just were affected by the previous two exercises - but it looks like I’ve reached my goal. I got BW+45 for reps!

Now I want BW+90x2. I just have to figure a way to load them now…45 is difficult to hold at my chest, and I don’t know if I can hold more. Loading a barbell for it just doesnt seem safe…oh well, I’ll think of something.

Hold a pair of dumbbells to your sides and stand on something higher so the db’s don’t hit the floor for the weighted pistols. That should work for you!

Thanks for the tip…will definitely try that. I may go 45 for more reps next time, then bump the weight up and do it on an elevated surface.