My teams split

My college football team is currently using this offseason split:
M-Total Body Lift
W-Total Body Lift
F-Total Body Lift

The lifting sessions are intense and generally consist of 1-2 Total body exercises, 1-3 Lower body exercises and 2-3 Upper exercises.
The speed sessions consist of 7-8 short distance sprints (20-30) with incomplete recovery plus a conditioning component of 40yard sprints with game type rest intervals of 25-30 seconds. Generally 3 sets of 7-9 reps are completed with 4-5 minute recovery in between sets.

Do you believe it is possible for an athlete to fully recover from this over the weekend and be improved on a week to week basis? Or do you see this as more of a split that will allow for the body to supercompensate in deload/off weeks such as spring break and finals week? Or Neither?

Thanks, Nath

I know of several “big time” programs that follow a split very similar to this and have fantastic results…Their coaches have never said that recovery was a problem at all…

yes sir ur correct, the first one that comes to mind is Vtech. there skill guys following something like this:

mon: total body weights/run
tue: run
wed: same as mon
thur: run
fri: same as mon and wed

ur template looks good just remember ur training for fb not track so u can use many of the track ideas but keep in mind its a diff sport.

Are you sure Tues and Thurs isnt more of a low intensive, conditioning sort of day?

it varies from week to week, i could list a sample week if u want.

Yes I would much appreciate it Thanks.

remember this is the first week and every week is diff. the goal for the winter/spring program is strength/>lean body mass/< body fat.

mon: weights
programmable agility
shuttles 4x

reactive agility
two point wave 5x

competitive drill
get up and sprint

speed warmup
acc ladder 6x20
programmable agility
speed, power, spins cuts
active iso strect

wed: weights

programmable agility
carolina drill 4x
reactive agility
crazy ball drills

speed warmup
programmable agility
20yd shuttle 4x

reactive agility
4 cone reaction drill

fri: weight
5 mod suicides

push jerk
cg bench
rev hypers
bar hang

oly dead to kee
db walk lunges
towel pullups
db tri ext

hang snatch
glut hams
bar hang

That might seem like more than my teams program on paper, but I think its far smarter. Theres a lot more agility stuff and everything is in regulation and theres no overkill on anything. I understand that they might build on reps etc as the off season progresses. We used to do the alternating speed and agility days, I would have rather stayed with that than having these 40 yard endurance sessions at this time of year.

I have read about other schools offseason programs that go like or similar to this:
M - Speed, Total Body Lift
T - Conditioning/GPP
W - Total Body Lift (Squat emphasis)
T - Conditioning/GPP
F - Speed, Total Body Lift

no they dont add volume but vary it from week to week by using other means. most college program dont do true speed work just so u know. how is vtech program much diff from ur setup, the only major diff is vtech do movement work each day and u only do movement work twice a week. i think too many fb coach spend too much time in the weightroom and not enough on movement.

My teams program is only straight line movement. And we average about 1000 yards per speed session with incomplete recoveries. Looks to me like VTech is only hitting about 250 yards per day (not including conditioning), if that.

fb is more then str line speed, and once again u r only looking at one week. i saw u asked james smith this same question.

I definately agree its more than straight line speed. I am not a coach im a player wondering if my teams program is going to help me improve as much as I can this offseason.
I know I am just looking at one week of VT, I like it! I feel like that would definately help me improve my speed. Im a lineman and id imagine they have something even better for lineman.

dude just follow and believe what ur coaches have for you, everything will workout. vtech ol/dl lift 4 days per week and do more movement 4-5 days per week.