My supplement list

Hello All,

I read the Charlie forum review and decided to buy the supplements suggested on this site. I read Clemson’s posts and those of many of the members here. My supplement intake is the following.

Costco Fish oils

ergopharm AMP

Frost Antioxidant [this is 10 dollars at another site]

Watermelon Cytofuse

Biotest Low Carb Grow and ZMA

Can anyone tell me what I am missing?

Looks pretty good. How is your training though? Nutritional program is only as good as your training. I dont think there is frost somewhere else, since it is licsensed to

My workout template is a WSB hybrid with Charlie’s system.

As for frost I went on forum and they are selling it for 10.00 dollars at Black Star Labs. I called and got it direct for just ten.

Your missing

Vanadium yeast
Chromium (from yeast)
Orchic (1,000 mg)
Amino acids 2222 mg

Just to name a few.
I take all these for strength, my workout consist of squats, bench press and abdomen work.

Wow I don’t know if that stuff is really worth your money as the bioavailability of oral compounds is horrible. It took me a few years to learn that and I’m not advocating anything illegal or banned but IMO on top of your essential oils you should look into
injectable SOD, amp, atp, and carnosine
these will take you much further than any orals
also I would add creatine ethyl ester, HMB and maybe arginine depending on how much your willing to spend. has great deals on all the later in bulk.

Hmm… I checked BSL and couldn’t find it in the store. You have to call direct? Did you receive the product yet? I’m just curious to see if it is the same product being sold here in the store.

anyone heard of athletes taking vitamins in an injecable form, and getting intravenous vitamin C treatments???