What do y’all think of my spikes?

I wear the Asics Cybersprint whenever ever I’m doing straightaways and 100m races. They are flexible in the middle and low to the ground, which i find good for the 100m: Cybersprint - ASICS

I also just got a pair of the Nike Zoom Celars. I find them to be really good on corners thus far because of the rigid spike plate and stability. for some reason when i run 150’s or 200’s My strides feel longer and a bit smoother…not sure if I will use them for 100m…haven’t tried them on the straight…only strides: Nike Zoom Celars

So tell me what y’all think

are the ones from 2000 the mo greenes that zipper up? if they are then the ones i am talking about, the bright neon red,green etc. superflys are 6.3 ounces compared to i belive 7.2 ounces and they look alot better. they do have the same spike plate however.

david W,
i got those new superflys… i think they look hot. i also like how they feel they are tight in the back and the spike plate is powerful. i can comment on them extensively yet however becasue i have only done 2 workouts in them becasue they gave me blisters and since i am not competeing i have not used them in a meet.

Quikazhell writes: my favorite spike of all time is the bright colored superflys (mo greens) from a few years ago…

What’s the difference between those Superflys and the ones from 2000?

I manage a Sweatshop branch - anyone in the UK needing spikes - you know where to call.

PS You seen the gruesome new Superflys? Or felt how heavy they are?

Yeah Quik, they’re the ones. I’ve got them and find em a bit heavy, so wear them for training. Still haven’t bought a pair to compete in. I also find the 2000 model a little too rigid and elevated too much at the ball.


enjoy the process of buying shoes, with the way you have been going, it wont be long before the first shoe deal comes along!!!

its a personal thing… as long as you like them its great… everyone had different preferences and this also depedns on what type of sprinter you are.
personally i think the 2 pairs of spikes you got are crazy ugly… no disrespect… but feel is what counts… i do not liek the zoom cellars they make me feel too flat…
i got the new superflys which i like and my favorite spike of all time is the bright colored superflys (mo greens) from a few years ago… they feel great look great and only weight 6.3 which is light for a power spike plate. in training i use the black and yellow zoom shifts from a few years back. they are the only spikes that do not give me blisters in training.

Talking about spikes, I gotta ask…
Should the foot fit like a tight glove or is it ok with some air infront of the toe, not much doe.
Im buying new and my former (both Nike) was size 10,5 and the present 10. The 10,5 was a pair of classic Nike Internationals and felt very good. The 10s are superfly shift, but they are like gluded one the foot.
Does anyone know if it matter?

I have some Asics hmm don’t know what model, pretty cheap but does the job I suppose :slight_smile:

Hey Col, is that your sister or your GF??

Mohikan, spikes should generally fit snugly. Though at the end of the day it’s a personal thing, some people like to have loads of room round the toes whereas others prefer a tighter fit. I personally prefer a tighter fit with my spikes.

Originally posted by Neospeed
Hey Col, is that your sister or your GF??

Girlfriend :slight_smile: