My progress plus pic.

Whats up guys.
Just to fill everyone in on my progress. Last week at my conference meet i set a new P.R. in the long jump placing 3rd at 22’5.075 which is 3 inches off d3 provisional as well as tieing my P.R. in the 55 meters at 6.63 in trials and finals as well as a season best so far 2 tenths off my indoors P.r. (22.54) in the 200 at 22.73.

Also this season so far we have broken our school 4x200 record at 1.31.51 as well as the 4x400 record tonite at the armory at 3.22.05 where i split 50.7.

Heres a pic of me at the 200 start…

Well done!
But that tatoo must go… :wink:

I should get pictures of myself running too.

whistle i think the tattoo is cute!

way to go quik., all your hard work is paying off. best wishes for future races.

I’m going to get a tatoo. :rolleyes:

I thought you said you were skinny, hmm don’t look that skinny to me :slight_smile:

I never said that. lol. my legs are rather skinny though 22 inch thighs with 16.5 inch bi’s. i am 5’7 152 and i look 170-175. My max bench is 330 and 270x7 and my max suqat is only around 315 and i clean 165 for sets.

good job quick!

You bench more than you squat - something not right about that :stuck_out_tongue:

I know bro tell me about it. lol. its getting alot better though. I just started squatting serioulsly last summer. Three years ago my squat was 225 and bench was 285.

You got a nice bench!

You also look taller than your actual height :slight_smile: