My Old Training Partner!

This is my old training partner. When we were training he was a 10.4/21.4 sprinter. Looks like he got bigger.

He’s the real deal, he’s dedicated to the sport…

Oh, and C dog, if you happen to look at this post you should call up Stagg chili to see if they will sponsor you. Those canned beans got you through collage. ha ha.

In this video here Puma clocks him at 19 MPH.

Hmm never heard of him. How come he is never at at big euro meets or atleast the us champs?
also why did they say he ran 9.9 when Iaaf doesnt have that listed?

He ran 9.97 with a 2.6 m/s wind in May 2008.

He wants to run 9.75… :slight_smile: okay…

^^ My only compliant is his size, I feel he’s now too big. When I knew him, he had the build similar to the high school phenom Roy Martian which was perfect. Granted he did not run as fast has he did now but I do know he was not getting the right training.

Some shots of him when he was smaller:

Anyway, about 2 years go by and I bump into him at the gym at his arms and shoulders have blown to a small body builder size. Now looking at this video he looks even bigger.

I met Carlos a couple years back on the european circuit. Cool cat. very helpful and gave me some good advice on mechanics.