My new high jump video

My new high jump video. Still on a random approach, no mark yet. This was on a cold day once again, and it was the last event of the day. I had warmed up at about 3:00pm hoping to jump around 3:45, but did not go about 5:00, so I warmed up and cooled down about 3-4 times.

I was watching the video, and noticed the knee drive was super weak. I did squats and cleans the day before so I was super sore. I am happy with the results, even though I didnt get the height I wanted. I tied my PR and barley missed 6’2 on the way down, and it was a day where I thought I wouldnt get past 5’10. I felt pretty confident afterwards, like on a good day I can hit 6’4. I can easily hurdle 5’2 and siccosor kick 5’3-4", so I think the jumping ability is there and I now have to focous on the approach and technique. Would appreciate any tips

It starts at 5’8, then 5’10, 6’, 3 misses at 6’2 the third being the closest.

Im a junior in High school, 5’9", if that matters.

The video is at

are you jumping in shoes?
and with no mark?? :eek: :eek:

Kras, it looks like he has those Adidas Jumping spikes. I think there made for LJ though?
Not bad for stuttering and jumping with no mark.

your good quik, dont know how u spotted them! :smiley:

Long jump adidas spikes size 11.

I like the triple jump ones more because there a bit more kind on the heels, considering I stomp my heels real hard when jumping

This is how you are supposed to jump :wink: Holm clearing 2.40 a few minutes ago.

just curious thor, how do u get allthese clips?
Thanx :slight_smile: