My new basketball training program (weights)

This is my new weight lifting program
6’3" 200lbs 10% BF
Position: Shooting Guard

I will add some bench pressing and accessory exercises too.

day 1

power snatch 6x3
power clean 6x3
power jerk 6x3
front squat 5x5
clean dead 5x5

day 2

power snatch from hang 8x2
power clean from hang 8x2
push press 5x3
back squat 6x4
snatch dead 6x4

Your thoughts ?

That much volume in season? Jesus…

I made a deal with my CNS

she chose to adapt…
I found that if I break PR in squat before a game I play much better… besides it isn’t the NBA YET !
it’s a game a week ( no lifting on game day)

So i’m cool…

Why ask for advice? If you already made a deal with the CNS, go through with it. You don’t need our permission!

why are you so sure me and you have the same body ?

i’m asking about the prog.
if I see DURING my training i get tired from it and cant perform well i’ll stop it, but its not my question now.,

Most elite weight lifters don’t have near that much volume in a single session.

Do we have the same body? Probably not. There is, however, an optimal way. Intensive tempo and HIT aren’t the best, but plenty of freaks get strong and fast with them, while others turn to nothing.

I’m with Davan on this one, what level of basketball are you playing??

I cannot believe that you are able to handle those kind of workouts in season… What does practice look like after the 1st workout?

Even in the off-season I am not sure if I like that workout, looks like you just jumbled a bunch of stuff together into one workout. I’m not for sure on the percents for those lifts, but by the time I got to Power Jerk on the workout I’d be hurting.