My MSL Combine Results

As some of you Know I attended the MSL High School Combine in Cincinnattie on May 29, 2004. I think I did ok overall and here’s my results

Position: running back
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 179lbs
Bench press reps (185lbs): 18
Vertical Jump: 32" very dissapointed in myself
Standing long jump: 9’ 7" the best jump of the day
40yd:4.83 horrible!
Short shuttle: 4.54 had a bad slip and believe i could have gotten a 4.2
Long shuttle: 12.24 average

In our individual routes I did good and only missed one catch but in our one on one drills against the linebackers I dominated, made every catch and I put a couple linebackers on their backs. One on One is where I think most of the players had the most fun.

And all of this was put on Tape. Each player gets a website where they can view their scores and also watch how they performed. Mine should be up in about 7-10 business days, meaning 2 weeks. Hopefully some of the college coaches there saw something in me they liked.

Nice job Longwood. Just remember in the end, it only matters if you can play the game. 40’s, shuttles and veticals are great to have, but they can’t make up for football skill.

How old are you? And how was the 40 timed?

I’m 16 and the 40 was hand timed

What’s your max bench. Also will you post your site on here when you get it

my max bench is around 315 and yea I will try to post my site when i get it

What routine do you use and when did you start working out? It seems like everbody bullshits. I know tons of people that age that workout that aren’t nearly as strong yet every 16 year old online can bench 300.

Shut up. Believe him if you want to, don’t if you don’t want to, but there’s no need to accuse him of bullshitting.

To tell the truth i really could care less if you believe me or not. My man Jcash asked me a question and I gave him a truthful answer but if you must know I started lifting weights the summer between 8th and 9th grade. As of recently I been doing sort of a 3-1-3 strength cycle with most of my lifts at 85%+ of my max for 3-6 reps. I do my speed workouts and lifting on mon.
wed. and fri. and tempo on tue. thurs. and sat.

I beleive longwood their many 16 yrolds benching 315 I know a kid that hit 405 but he was a linemen. Also what do you usually run in the 40 also you got any tips or routines to help lower mine. I’m currently running a 5.2

I usually run a mid 4.6-4.7 in the 40 but the last one i ran was a 4.83 at msl combine as for tips all I really tell you is to read and search this website as much as you can but I also a new to this sprinting thing. Ask xlr8

for the 40, get stronger too, its a very short sprint…med balls, acc’s in training, and hammer the p-chain…

I believe Longwood. I have a football player that just competed in the High school combine. weighs in at 245, runs a 4.72 forty FAT, and benches 320. He needs work on his vertical he only jumped 27, his pro agility was 4.4. Oh yeah he is also 16 years old!!

I believe he can bench 320. He is 245. I don’t believe his speed though. It was probably timed horribly.

Its pretty scary. It is the truth. He has been timed many times and scored in the 4.7 in all of them. Is was not just a one time thing.

The site is up but now I’m just trying to figure out how to post the video

Why don’t you just post the site

I finally saw the video for myself and all I can say is “I’m Terrible”
I did ok on some drills but on some I didn’t have a strong finish, I slow up at the end. One on One was ok but my 40yd was horrible, I didn’t know Ilooked so slow when I ran and my form was so bad. I’m a little disappointed but more motivated to improve. Also the site isn’t finished because they still need to get my photo up and also the results from my bench, vertical, standing long jump, and my interview. But here’s what the do have so far

damn that sucks maybe you can get one of those stream recorders and record it as you watch it then you could post it up and we can download or just give out the password but i guess to many people would go on it maybe and probly blacklist your page. When you were watchin the films did you notice any mistakes that you made that you think would have helped you do better

edited my post it works without password