My Latest Video Montage:

Here is my latest video montage entitled “MO V.S MJ”. It shows how Maurice Greene and Michael Johnson were at the top of their events leading up to the USA Olympics Trials 200m for the Sydney Olympics 2000. Moral of the story is don’t get caught up in the hype, focus on being 100% prepared for the race itself instead of the rivals, or suffer the harsh consequences.

Here is the link, much thanxs to TL and other staff of for uploading it to the videos section of their site:

Feel free to critique, analyze, give opinions etc.

great clip

Nice! More support text would be good. Particularly for the 19.32 and 9.8 clips.

hey pretty good!!! really tells the story.

Why is it that in the big head to heads people seem to psyche themselves out? MJ vs Mo, MJ vs Bailey, Gatlin Vs Asafa (last year) someone always gets hurt. About the only race I have seen where both parties give it thier all (and survive) is Ben Vs Carl.

personally, i like da GOAT video more.

so great!!! I hope you will make a million more vids like this!!!

This is your best one yet.

The “stare down” between MJ and Mo was interesting. I may have the wrong impression of MJ but I thought that was a little out of character for him. Anyway, I enjoyed the video and it was great to see MJ running again, particularly his leg turnover in that 200m clip at the finish line.

Thank you all for the nice comments :smiley:

Nice! More support text would be good. Particularly for the 19.32 and 9.8 clips.

What do you mean?

tx for this other video


there are some picky people here and there, forget them. I love the videos, especially some of the rarer footage you have found and used in them. Keep it up!

Thanxs man, that you all for the great comments ;D