My last year at high school

Ok its my last year at high school (16 yrs old) so I’m definately taking part in the schools annual track and field championships. Im entering the shotput, discuss, long jump, 100m, 200m and 400m.

So far, I won the senior shotput today for my schools annual track and field championships. I am actually in intermediate category (14-16) but I stepped up to Seniors to get more of a challenge, I see no fun throwing against guys my age or younger than me, just no competition there

Anyways yea, we threw the 7 kg (15.4lbs) shot, I threw 10.46m and the winner threw 10.55m, bronze was 9.97m. I don’t train for the shotput at alll and I had (and still have) the flu so I’m well pleased with the result.

I will keep you posted on other events, discuss and long jump should be next week and the sprints week after next. :cool:

The sprints came earlier than I thought, the 100m was yesterday and the 200m was today. Yesterday I was down with a bad case of the flu so I had to sit on the sidelines (frustrated, sad, bitter), as the 100m heats went by… :frowning:

Today I attempted the 200m despite my sickness. I was leading up to the top of the bend but had to pull out the race because I started to feel dizzy. I almost blacked out on the sidelines but I hung on.

400m heats are tommorow, Im praying for a miracle or something so that I can feel better by then to actually compete and finish the 400m.

Its hard to keep motivated though, it seems like all is already lost since i didnt qualify for my pet events… :frowning: