My journey.

Wow massive change of plan. Turns there are trials for a different team in mid February, so I am going to go for it, 12 months with no actual playing with other players is not a smart move I have come to realise. I have probably 5 weeks max to prepare, which will hopefully be enough to get in. This doesn’t really change anything, it just means my volumes for my conditioning will be very low once I am in season.

I still have to be peaking for January 2007. This is what my year will look like provided I make the team.

January/February: prep for trials.

March: Train with team 3 hard sessions a week.

April: 2 hard team trainings a week 1 maximal effort game.

May: ditto.

June: ditto.

July: ditto.

August: ditto.

September, october, november, december, preperation for trials Jan 2007.

My year will be roughly something like that if I get in the team.

Now the training. I woke up with Dom’s from training yesterday, which shows how unfit and rusty I am. [Damn injuries].

I will train today, the Dom’s aren’t that severe but it will be even lighter then yeasterday [if thats possible].

I have an appointment in a weeks time with someone who does ART which is great news.

This will be week 2 of training [I didn’t realise how unconditioned I was].

Monday: - 30 minute warm up, 5x10m sprint, 20 min technique, 10 cool down.

Tuesday: - 30 minute warm up, 500m [roughly] of pool tempo, 20 min technique, 10 cool down.

I will repeat that cycle 3 times and rest on sunday. It might seem extremely easy and light, but my body is not 100% and i have to be careful. The warm up serves as a good conditioning tool, and the technique work is generally medium intensity - I am out of breath most of the time but avoid Lactate accumulation. So its not as easy as it looks, and is as much as I can handle at the moment I feel. Week 3 will hopefully see some more progression.

Hopefully by week 6 I will be reasonably fit for the trials. But this whole year is geared towards January 2007, I just need to balance my training to avoid overtraining once team training and matches start, and to ensure maximal technique and speed development.

Will post how this afternoons session goes in a few hours. :slight_smile:

This plan is doomed. 500m of tempo? 50m of speed work? 2 hours of total technique work a week?

Sorry man but you need to find something and stick with it. Training is a lot better than talking about training.

500m of tempo in the pool.

Look my body is not right at the moment. I have a constantly sore rotator cuff and have done for the last 6 weeks. I have done basically no training the last 12 weeks. I am out of shape. I don’t fancy re injuring myself. I want to be careful until I get ART done and all my niggles resolved. Then training will increase in load and intensity. At the moment I am not looking for mass increases in speed or fitness. I am looking at adapting to training while I get my problems fixed. Once they are fixed and only then, will I start training with 300m accel work, 2000m running tempo, weights etc. I don’t want to fuck myself up now.

Now training for today:

I was happy with how training went today.


HR=51 (bpm)

30 min warm up.

20 min technical - 5 min annual goal, 5 min dribbling [steering the ball - basically running with the ball changing direction etc], 5 min general juggling, 5 min high ball control with front of foot.

10 min cool down.

Duration = 60 mins.
RPE = 3
Quality = 3
Load = 180

Yesterday in training I noticed a slight pain on my left side on the bone just above the buttock. I thought nothing of it, it was just one of those pains you have in the warm up that eventually goes away. Anyway it got worse today. God knows what it is, I have no noticeable tightness in that area, very odd. I will play through it, as I have rested my whole body for ages, and I need to do SOME training now. Hopefully ART will resolve all these weird things I have.

For therapy I had a medium 20 min massage on my lower back, 30 min light lower body stretching and a ten minute cold shower.

I really hope ART works as its my last shot at fixing my body. Training went well overall despite the slight pain on the left side.

Wow today was a relief. I woke up and the pain on the left side was even worse. But I went down to train anyway, and it was fine! Just a dull ache again. It hurts alot more after training, just walking around, but I think its just a normal adapt back to training kind of pain.

My HR is back to 47 which is good.


HR=47 (bpm)

30 min warm up.

20 min technical - 5 min annual goal, 5 min dribbling [steering the ball - basically running with the ball changing direction etc], 5 min general juggling, 5 min high ball control with front of foot.

10 min cool down.

Duration = 60 mins.
RPE = 3
Quality = 3
Load = 180

Basically the same as yesterdays training except I did volleying instead of juggling [that was my theme for the day]. BTW with my technique its probably roughly equal to 20 mins of tempo. I am out of breath for most of the 20 mins, but have no lactate build up. So the technique in itself will build my fitness.

Therpay involved a 15 min massage on my back via a shiatsu massage chair a 5 min cold shower and 30 min light stretches.

Very happy with how things went. I can’t wait to get ART and then begin doing some real training. :slight_smile:

Training was good again. I still have doms mainly on my right adductor - the fine tendon I think its called Gracillis or Hiatus judging the anatomy chart google provided. And my left adductor - the larger area the longus or magnus I think its called. My lower back has tightened up a bit too but I can’t feel it much when I’m training. Also my hip region is sore but thats no great suprise.


HR=45 (bpm)

30 min warm up.

20 min technical - 5 min dribbling - steering the ball. 5 min annual goal. 5 min high ball control with front of foot. 5 min back pass.

10 min cool down.

Duration = 60 mins.
RPE = 4
Quality = 2.5
Load = 240

The dribbling was high intensity. I was basically running with the ball, on both feet, changing direction constantly, stopping starting etc for 5 min.

Another thing - this time last year I suffered an injury that put me out for around 10 weeks [I tried to return to training unsuccessfully many times when I should have been resting, I was very stupid then]. It was on my left buttock right inside on the sitting bone. It was a very sharp pain. Anyway Yesterday and today I felt a slight pain similar to it. If I jump up in the air and attempt to do the splits in the air [not a full out attempt just that action] I feel a pain a bit up from the adductors - a little up from my butt hole [sorry for the graphic description]. Its not just on one side but both sides. I probably felt it 3-4 times a session the last few days. It hurts not when I sprint but when I jump up to volley the ball [sometimes] attempt a fast action with the ball [sometimes] or when I jump up in the air to do that split action. [usually feel it when I do this]. With my sore adductors this makes me think the muscle is part of or related to the adductors. I have decided to keep training until I get ART, as long as it doesn’t get any worse.

Does it just sound like normal Dom’s? The pain isn’t REALLY sharp.

Sorry for that long description, its just I couldn’t find anything on the net anywere. I really, really need to see this guy to get ART done. All my little niggles and problems - rotator, hip region tightness, tight and painful lower back, pain described above etc are all minor but if I do hard training I am convinced they will all escalate. As long as they don’t get any worse with the training I’m doing I’m sure I will be fine. The lower back pain is most likely from my tight hips and I THINK the weird pain near my sitting bones described above is probably part of or related to my adductors. I just really hope ART will be able to fix all my little problems so I can continue to increase my training load. :slight_smile:

Therapy so far has involved 60 min light lower body stretching, a nice 10 min contrast shower. I will edit this post if I can get a massage later or not.

I feel reasonably happy with my body today - nothing got worse. The actual training wasn’t the best though I am still very rusty. :rolleyes:

Are you doing self myofascial release? ART is great, but it takes consistent therapy, which can be hard on a low budget, to stay 100%. You can do therapy on yourself (self massage, myofascial release, EMS, salt baths, contrasts, etc.), so keep that in mind.

Check out this site:

If you can’t get a foam roller (or until you do), you can use a soup can reasonably well. It can be painful, but can be very beneficial.

Thanks alot or the link. Yeah ART is expensive not to mention the nearest place I can get it is a 2 hour bus trip away. Yeah I use contrast showers, epsom baths. I do self massage with a massage roller, but I will read that link in a sec and start the self myofascial release technique [Mister c mentioned it earlier in this thread].

Do you think the pains I’m experiencing sound normal? Based only on the description I’ve given you of course. I really hope 2, or 3 ART sessions max will resolve all my problems and get me 100%. Then the cheaper therapy routes will keep me in good shape and prevent injuries.

I can’t tell as you are fairly general (my left side hurts, etc.), but ART is not the end all be all. 2-3 sessions and help a lot of issues (tight hips for example can often be tuned up in 1-2 60-90 minute sessions w/ a skilled therapist), but if you are expecting everything to be 100% in 2-3 sessions, you are putting way too much hope into it, especially if you are not getting consistent therapy already. 2-3 hours to get there? Let’s remember to not rob Peter to pay Paul. 4-6 hours total time sitting in a crappy chair can possibly be detrimental, especially if you’re only getting therapy based on a session (for which some therapists will go as low as 15 minutes!), rather than a time scale.

I get a massage nearly every day from my dad for around 20 mins usually, and I was just hoping a few ART sessions would get me to 100%.

Im not sure what you mean by: ‘4-6 hours total time sitting in a crappy chair can possibly be detrimental, especially if you’re only getting therapy based on a session (for which some therapists will go as low as 15 minutes!), rather than a time scale.’

Do you just mean, sitting down in a chair for prolonged periods will have a negative impact on therapy? I have found sitting to be bad for my lower back and I stand whenever I’m on the computer, and I generally avoid prolonged sitting as much as possible.

Maybe I am putting to much hope into ART but like I said my problems aren’t major [only IMO] and shouldn’t be hard to rectify.

Thanks for your help, that myofascial article was great, I will start using those techniques on my problem areas [adductors, hips mainly] with a soup can.

Use them everywhere, especially IT band, adductors, hips, calves, hamstrings, quads… basically everywhere possible–don’t restrict yourself to what is hurting because pain isn’t always local to the problem.

I say sitting because you said it would be a 2-3 hour bus ride (not very ergonomic seats or good conditions period i.e. lack of food, tightness, etc.) to get there. You’re talking you might only get 1 hour of therapy and we don’t know how great of a therapist this guy is. Optimize all modalities before putting all your chips into one if you know what I mean. The stretching and light massage from your dad is great, but you still have myofascial self-release, contrast methods (many available), salt baths, and EMS (if you have the resources).

I’m just saying, spread out the therapy and use many modes (not necessarily all at once, but use an adequate amount daily).

Thanks for the great advice Davan.

I don’t have alot of time right now as I am staying at my aunt and uncle’s and computer time is limited but I will type what I can for now.

Turns out I have tendonitis, where the growth plates fuse in my gluteal region. I also have extremely tight glute medius on both sides. [other minor problems I will type up later when I get home]. I can train and have been training, just extremely light and no fast movements. If I attemt sprints or fast movements, my tendonitis starts to hurt.

I have been training and will update what I did each day when I get home. Basically I have tendonitis on both sides in the gluteal region and I tore/strained it on my right side when I was walking my uncles huge rottweiler. It made a lunge across me for another dog, pulling my right leg across me giving me a sharp pain on the top of my hamstring.

He is an ok therapist I think. My hips are starting to loosen after two sessions with him and I have another session tommorrow. He only gives me about 20 minutes max though. He is going to show me some therapy techniques I can use on myself for myofascial release which should be good. Also I have studied how he uses ART and will get my dad to attempt some of the easier techniques which will help a bit as well. BTW my dad does deep massage on me, rarely is it light, in fact I often break a sweat even when its cold!

Thanks for all your help Davan, I will type up all the training I have done when I get home in a week or so and will give a full description on everything thats happened including my current physical condition and how the therapist has helped etc.

Thanks again.

Ok time for an update.

I won’t type up my whole condition again here. Here is the link for a description of my condition and how I am going to fix it.

Now the training. I have been training although not as much as i would have liked. I will update everything I have done each day since my last update on training. And all the therapy I have done. And all the training I have done.

I am positive things will get better from here. :slight_smile:


HR= 52

30 minute warm up. 20 min technical - 5 min dribbling - steering the ball. 5 min annual goal. 5 min high ball control with front of foot. 5 min curling the ball. 10 min cool down.

Duration = 60 mins.
RPE = 2
Quality = 3
Load = 120

Right adductor was a bit sore. Did this session when I got up in brisbane.



HR = 45

Duration = 60 mins.
RPE = 4
Quality = 4
Load = 240

  1. 30 minute warm up. 20 min technical - 5 min dribbling - steering the ball. 5 min high ball control with front of foot. 5 min left foot juggling. 5 min annual goal. 10 min cool down.

Was a good session. Mild right adductor soreness. The 5 min high intensity steering the ball means basically dribbling the football at top speed for 5 mins.

Sunday. 8/1/06

HR = 43. Lowest ever!

Complete rest. Happy with how the first week went. Had mild twinges throughout the week of what I would later learn is tendonitis.

Daily average load = 154.29
Standard deviation = 85.71
Monotony = 1.80
Weekly Load = 1080.00
Strain = 1944.10

Average Resting HR = 47.14

Those are the weekly numbers. I was right to take it so easy I would later find. A good first week back. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah therapy for the week:

2/1/06 Monday
5 min cool shower. 10 min massage roller on quadriceps - 20 min light, lower body stretching, 20 min upper back mediem massage, 10 min left adductor medium massage.

3/1/06 Tuesday

10 min cold shower, 30 min light lower body stretching, 20 min medium massage on lower back.

4/1/06 Wednesday

30 min light lower body stretching. 5 min cool shower. 15 min back massage - shiatsu massage chair.

5/1/06 Thursday

60 min light lower body stretching. 10 min contrast shower.

6/1/06 Friday

90 min EMS on right adductor, 10 min cool shower, 30 min light lower body stretching.

7/1/06 Saturday

40 min light lower body stretching 15 min EMS on right adductor, 15 min EMS on left adductor, 5 min cool shower.

8/1/06 Sunday

30 min contrast shower, 60 min light lower body stretching, 90 min EMS on left adductor.

Monday, week 2. 9/1/06

HR = 43.

Got tendonitits on my upper right hamstring region from walking my uncles rottweiler. It lunged across me to go for another dog, and pulled my right leg in front. Didn’t train obviously.

Was very unhappy. I din’t know what that sharp pain was…




Saw the chiro today. Found out I have extremely tight glute medius, IT band and I have a mild form of tendonitis or osteitis pubis on both sides of my gluteal region.

Trained lightly in the arvo. Helped uncle mulchwhich aggravated my tendonitits a bit.

  1. 30 minute warm up. 20 min technical - 5 min dribbling - left foot steering the ball. 5 min general juggling. 5 min left foot annual goal. 10 min cool down.

  2. 120 min physical - [COLOR=DarkOrange]helped uncle mulch for 120 minutes.[/COLOR]

Again my right adductor tightened up.

Duration = 210.
Quality = 3
RPE = 2.25
Load = 472.5

Wens. 11/1/06

HR = 50.

Mild hamstring soreness. Tendonitis was obviously twinging.
Did some weights. First time in ages, so kept it easy.

30 min warm up. 15 min technical - 5 min dribbling - steering the ball. 5 min high ball control with front of left foot. 5 min annual goal. 15 min physical - [COLOR=Red]upper body weights.[/COLOR] 10 min cool down.

Bench press 25kg 10x3 with 2 min recoveries.
2 min rest.
WG lat pull down 20kg 10x3 with 2 min recoveries.

Lat pull down was to failure. Bench was not.

Duration = 70 mins.
RPE = 3
Quality = 2
Load = 210



HR= 50.

20 min physical - active recovery done in pool with flotation belt.

Duration = 20
RPE = 1
Quality = 3
Load = 20

It left me feeling alot looser and better. Was sore in triceps, chest and lats. Tendonitis was alot worse.

You have a 10 minute cold shower then stretching then massage? Not really the best order. Stretch AFTER you are warm, not when you’re cold. Invites injury and microtears…

EDIT: You are looking to prevent injury when things like this are going on? Robbing Peter to pay Paul…