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0.9g protein x bodyweight in lbs

maintenance calories 15x body weight, e.g 15x230lbs

take 500 cals out of fat

see how much protein calories you take in per day (1 gram of protein = 4.5 cals), the rest is made up of fat, whilst still being 500 cals under maintenance

Add that all up with your bodyweight, use your computer calculator.

Search Google. You’ve got to understand why you’re doing it.

Anymore q’s I’m here.

so basically take 500 calories out? cuz i dont really get that part
so at the end, the bottom line is the final number i have, thats how many calories i should eat per day? how about fats and stuff, how do i know hwo much im eating of that calorie wise…?

Yeah, take 500 calories from fat out. Then take out cals from fat, until you can see the fat loss. Don’t take out more than 500 cals at one time.

To know how much fat you’re eating, count the grams in your food (with calculator). I guess roughly, but that’s because I read the nutrition values and total it up in my head.

1 gram fat = 9.5 calories. If you ate 100g of fat, that would be 100x9.5= 950

i really wanna get this started tomorrow…but i really dont understand it too well, is this a 6 meal thing or what is it? wow i am lost and i read that article also… sorry man i know ur tryin to help, im so dumb i cant understand it :confused:

It’s not that you’re dumb. It took me a while to understand the concept.

You’ve still got to read about training on the CKD. :eek:

You don’t have to eat in sittings, it doesn’t matter when you eat, as long as you get what you need.

CKD works, but if you don’t understand it, can’t you wait until you understand it?

Have you read the CKD forum articles? - most worth reading

Search for Cyclical Ketogenic Diet on search engines.

dude im goin crazy tryin to understand this.
can u break it down simply and say it so i can easily understand it please if its not a problem to u, only if u have some spare time. like maybe with an example or somethin of a day on the diet

I think I’ve broke it down already? What don’t you understand?


If you’ve got carbs in your blood, you won’t ‘burn/lose’ fat. Eat carbs, insulin will be high. Glucagon is low when insulin is high.

Glucagon stimulates/moves(? bad terminology) fat cells/adipose tissue/body fat.

Do you weight train?

The CKD has a carb refill. It tastes good, stops you eating bad food. But it’s for muscle energy. You carb refill after a weight training week. The carbs get stored as muscle glycogen, instead of being passed through liver, which would cause fat gain.

After your carb load, glycogen is at e.g 170 mmol/kg. You weight train to bring it down to 70 mmol/kg, because at 70 mmol/kg fat burning increases.

Try follow the weights routine on the link I posted up.

Mon: weight training upper body
Tue: weight training lower body (make sure you’ve trained full body by Tuesday)
Wed: nothing
Thu: nothing
Fri: training, circuit or heavy, bring down glycogen a bit more before carb up. Carb up starts today, about 5pm.
Sat: nothing, carb up ends 12pm midnight.
Sunday: light/low intensity aerobics to ‘reenter’ ketosis, low intensity work uses fat for fuel

Then take your bodyweight

Maintenance cals 15xbodyweight in pounds/lbs (I think it was).

Protein 0.9xbodyweight in pounds/lbs = GRAMS per day you’ll eat

Say maintenance cals is 2000. Say you eat 1000 cals protein. ‘The rest’ would be 1000 cals of fat (1000 x 9.5 for daily gram intake). You’d get 9500 grams of fat per day, then you’d take 500 calories out of the fat.

After, you progressive drop calories of fat until you think you’ve lost enough fat.

Diet numbers are an example, don’t use that amount, get your numbers based on your bodyweight.

Get it?

A couple of simple rules.

  1. If it has a stem attached to it - EAT IT!

  2. If it came from something that has a heart - EAT IT!

  3. If it comes in a box or bag, don’t bother with it. Exception - rolled oats.