My Journal

ive decided to make a journal of my nutrition on a daily basis and hope for some feedback from you guys. how does this look for a start off…by the way im just looking to lose body fat and maintain my muscle. i am going to be working out through this also…

Meal 1:

8 egg whites
2 servings of oatmeal or grits (with fruit, honey, etc.)
1 protein drink

Meal 2:

2 skinless chicken breasts
2 plain baked potatoes
1 serving of broccoli

Meal 3:

2 pieces of baked fish or chicken
1 large serving of pasta (plain or with a low-fat sauce)
1 large salad (with a low-fat dressing - I use lemon juice)
1 protein drink

Meal 4:

2 skinless chicken breasts or red meat
1 large bowl of rice
1 banana

Meal 5:

2 servings baked turkey breast
2 yams or sweet potatoes
1 protein drink
Meal 6:

8 egg whites
1 skinless chicken breast
1 baked potato

No fruit??? Are you supplementing with anything? Just from a quick glance, where’s the calcium?? 1600 mg/day about. What’s your height, weight, %BF, sport, age, training age, etc.

Expensive tatstes. Obviously you’re not a student. Otherwise looks OK.


There is almost no fat in that diet at all.


Get some EFAs in there for almost every meal.

just my 2 cents,

You don’t have any EFAs and you’re eating carbs with every meal. Also there’s too many grains. your insulin / bloodsugar is going up and down… You might not wanna eat carbs pre bedtime.

I think your sport is basketball, right?

wow im really confused what are EFAs? can someone make me a sample diet and ill go from there plz…i really dont know what u guys are talking about sorry…

my body fat is like 14-15%
175 pounds
15 years old
training age was about 13 or maybe 14
i wanna lose body fat, about 4 percent and keep my muscle

EFA= Essential fatty acids, which are found for example in olive oil, canola, fish oil etc. Search the forums for answers.

so how about a tablespoon of omega 3 fish oil which i have already for most the meals

Too much carbs for losing fat.

You probably know from reading that insulin stops fat loss?

Look up C.K.D (Cyclical Ketogenic Diet). Theory is, CKD’ing has your body use stored fat for fuel, instead of insulin/glucose/carbs.

You refill on carbs after training weeks. You deplete muscle glycogen by training.

The carbs/needed glycogen, you eat is drawn into muscle cells, instead of passing through your liver/staying in blood and causing fat gain.

G’luck, let me know if you need any reading material.

can you show me a sample diet please regarding what u just said i looked up what u said but it didnt give me like a sample diet to follow,if its ok with u

NP, this is a sample of my diet.

207g protein, now eating 180g fat (per day), about 20-30g carbs, can’t help it, it’s in the sausage etc.

0.9g protein per lb bodyweight. (That’s just what you need, anymore protein gets turned into glucose and effects fat loss).

You’ve got to work out how many cals you use in a day.

I’ve got a simple way of doing it, can’t access file on CPU right now.

When you’ve worked out your cals per day, you start by taking 500 cals off that. Get 0.9g protein per lb bw, then ‘the rest’ is grams of fat (make sure you’re still 500 cals under).

It’s hard to do a C-K-D and not have ANY carbs, just make sure you don’t go higher than 30g carbs per day.

You have to weight train to deplete muscle glycogen, so no carbs before/after training.

I got headaches the first few weeks on a C-K-D. It’s because of the low blood sugar. Drink a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate for this, it does something to the blood, definitely helped me.

Everything I’m telling you about I got off Lyle’s Ketogenic Diet book. if you’ve got the money, get the e-book. I’ll try find you an article of his anyway.


I didn’t notice this at first…

You just need to eat a lot! Being at that age your metabolism is through the roof. Just make smart food choices. Read Clemson’s articles at and John Berardi’s at there’s a few good calorie calculators which you wanna use. Just a few rules: 1. Eat protein with every meal 2. Don’t mix carbs with too much fat. You just need to eat a lot at that age.

Don’t worry too much, just eat.

Kobe, I can almost guarantee you that if you make sure you are eating almost only clean foods, you shouldn’t have to worry about the amount, as long as you’re not stuffing yourself til it hurts at each meal.

You’d be surprised at how reluctant your body can be to put on fat if you’re eating cleanly. I know when I started bulking after a cutting phase, I was afraid to up the calories enough to actually put on mass, because I was afraid I’d get fat, especially since I’d feel kind of bloated occasionally at the beginning.

But several months later, I’ve been putting on muscle mass with very little added fat, just eating real clean and making sure I get enough calories. I know you want to “cut”, but assuming your diet isn’t 100% clean now, simply switching to a clean diet, not signficantly reducing calories all that much, and making sure you stay active, should still result in at least some weight loss progress.

Hopefully, at least. Let me know if this helps. Maybe not.

i dont really think i have the time to count up calories and such. so whitechocolate, your saying just eat healthy and clean foods. 6 clean meals a day with protein in each. sounds good but can anyone comfirm this since ur not too sure urself…? please

You’ll drop a few lbs eating clean, but if you don’t drop all those carbs you won’t lose any fat.

Counting cals on the CKD is easy. It takes 5 mins to workout how many cals you need per day. All you have to do is drop a few grams of fat when you think you’re not losing enough, judging on mirror.

Depends how serious you are. If you want to be 10% and hold muscle, it won’t happen with your diet.

G’luck anyway.

ok im willing to do it. its just im not clear on what to do exactly. what if i dont do it right and just screw everything up. which calories should i look at when eating meals, like the fat calories or total? does the total include calories from fat also?

how do i calculate how many calories i need?

after i do that, i take 500 calories from it and thats how many calories i should be eating throughout the day during my 6 meals? added to that i eat 0.9 grams of protein each pound of body weight? and keep my carbs at 20-30 grams throughout the day? or do u mean in one meal? i seem to have it kinda down but im not clear on what this whole thing is about

Try that, look around for articles on the main site, try the forum.

If you can’t find what you need let me know and I’ll try help.

k thanks…how about this article…sounds like a good one to follow for muscle gains and MAYBE some fat loss…?

Won’t really do anything for fat loss.

ya please help, i need to get started on this ASAP cuz my season is gonna start in about a month. it would do me a great deal if u would just put a sample diet together with foods