My high jump video

Here is the link to my video-

I am a high jumper, and this is my first meet of the year, 60degrees outdoor rainy conditions.

My upperbody was sore from the previous day from intense weight training.

Anyhow, my warmup was pretty good, but not the greatest. I didnt stretch at all, just warmed up.

My jumps where clean all the way to 6ft, when I hit it on the way down, or on the way up with my elbow. This was also off random steps, either 5 or 6 steps.

Can a high jumper or coach please watch this video, if you can help me, by trying to watch it slow motion or pausing it, I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Also, if you pause, my upperbody was over it by atleast 8inches, but I look up with my head, and when I am coming down, my legs come close to the bar, if I keep looking back for longer, will my legs stay up?

Do you guys think I have 6’4 in me in terms of jumping ability? Would appreciate any insight

the way you made it sound, you could probably do with a longer warm-up, range-of-motion drills and such. more importantly, i wouldn’t exactly reccomend going “off random steps.” The approach is pretty important, and you could probably improve by working on that. With that being said, you didn’t look too bad over the bar. Are you even wearing spikes?