My hamstring recovery, from strain(guess 1st degree?)

Because thing were going off-topic in a thread from atletiek i thought it would be good to start my own recovery thread.
Maybe it wil help some others in the future.

mondays at about 19.00

  • did one 80m standing start all ok.
    after 8’the 2nd, wich i went out faster, after 30m i felt a cramp coming up… so i stopped. But it was too late, not very painfull but it was very sensitive.
  • the area afeected was the biceps femoris, inteh tendon/muscle area(where they come together)
  • I could walk on the leg.
    because i thought things werent too bead i first did a lifting session(upperbody )
    at home about 20.15 i cooled the hammy. for 30 mins.

rom in leg was enough to walk.(but only slow)
no swelling in leg.
got light massage from fysiotherapist on hamstring(unaffected area)

did some swimming and upper body circuit for training.

rom was better, could walk some faster pace.
chiro did my back and tested my hammy. no tears found he said.
later that day to fysio, light massage of unaffected area. then 20min EMS on affected area.

  • no training
  • did cool for 2x15mins

Pain in leg is allot less.
fysio light massage, + EMS. I could handle 20% more power from the machine.
then some cycling to get some pump and later some stretching(light) hammy felt good.

  • more to come.

if you gusy have soem tips. please let me know.

it;s good friday here.
And my hammy is still sensitive, but i can fully walk.
I had no reaction whatsover from the lunges and deep squat i did yesterday.

I think i can start jogging tonight, and do some drills.
For recovery i am keeping it hot.

i also strained my hammy and then a week later when i thought it was fully recovered i felt a cramp.

The cramp came at the end of the workout. What does this mean? Why am i getting a cramp after a strain? Where is the connection and the most important: When do know “its okay” or how long does it need. Today(2 days after the cramp) i could do tempos without problems…

I read that you had also a cramp…

“I shall laud you [Jehova] because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.
Your works are wonderful,
As my soul is very well aware.”(psalms 139:14)

a week is kind of short for recovery i guess.
It’s saterday now, so 5 days after the incident.

friday i did some soccer, (goalie). did some jums and today no problems whatsoever.
i’ll do a warm up , with some drills later today.
then a weight session upper body and med ball.

    • edit, still friday-
      did a jogging warming up, some med ball throows(as seen in GPP dvd)
      all well. then did some running drills, also quite ok.
      then the buildup runs.
      That was better as exected, i could make som espeed. But it felt a bit tight. so i stopped after 4.
      weight was ok, Did some cleans and half squat.
      Just 7 days to go… and then getting on with the plan.

Sunday(day 7)

  • did some tempo on grass, no problems or any feeling.
  • hammy still a bit sensitive when pressure is applied to damaged area.
    I can strecht, do running drill skips etc, bounding.
    speed buildups to about 70-80% i guess are fine.
    Now it’s hard to be patient with recovery because i think i can do much because i feel no pain. But I’’ have to be patient.
    I already moved my SPP 2 weeks ahead.

because of easter i had no time to update my progress.

The hamstring is feeling better and better.
Taday i did 2x30, 2x60. tailwind.
than 3x200 in about 25s.

Hamstring feels ‘relative’ good.
I think i still need some more massage to get rid of some tension, bit overall i am very content with the way it’s going.
Next week i will start my spp, trying to get speed up. NExt 3 weeks will be very important, with the slightest sign of pain… i’ll go back to th eswimming pool.

Tomorrow i’ll call for a masseur…I hope i can afford it.

Good stuff… It’s looking good as far as the recovery process goes. You are being smart about it. Mine still lets me know to back off a little, but I know when to call it quits in a session. I need to get some manual therapy done, but we’re on spring break and none of the school’s trainers are in :mad: … There’s no way I can afford to get a masseur either… May ask my parents to help out with that one :cool: Good luck on the speedy recovery!

Hey cortese,
For massage i did buy “the stick”, iIt might help me somewhat. I also sit on Corks to get rid of some tension in the muscles an dsometinmes use tennisballs to “massage” myself.
But nothing beats a good masseur. Only downside on that it cost $20 per treatment.

yesterday was a hard session. I did not cool or anything and i don’t have any rection today.
So i guess, now it’s up to ME to get the biceps femoris stronger and loosen up.
Then i will run all PB’s this year(i hope)
50.XX… would be great on the 400H

it’s been more than 2 weeks(15 days).
I don’t feel any pain when walking or stretching.
From now on i’ll start to get into training again.

  • not full speed work, but acc. work and some race pace work should not be a problem.(150-200 distance in 17.5-sub 24.5)

so i hope i can close this thread.
All have phun this season.