my form

not sure how to get a photo sequence up on here, but ill keep trying i guess.

any comments about technique would be great

thanks mortac

this is at about the 100m mark of a 120m race on grass.

all comments welcome

also please note this race was handicapped meaning that people were starting in front of me.
the guy in green was starting 5m in front and the guy behind was about 6m infront but i caught him pretty quick

Looks like your arm is straightening quite a bit on the back stroke, slowing down the arm action. I would try to keep that slightly more bent. Some would say keep it at 90 degrees, but I think it needs to open slightly more than that but not to the extent I see in the second image.

ok thanks,
does anyone no how to put lots of photos on to make a full sequence of my stride?

Are these photos from a video? You can try to download Ulead Gif Animator to maybe make an animated gif image of your stride.

yeh it is.
its was taken on a mini dv video camera but i dont know how to get the video on the comp, all i could do was take still photo

wow that took alot of work :slight_smile:

thanks mortac

the gif is on the first post

What place did you come in the race?

I think you look pretty good!, what is you 100m pb?

Have a head-on shot and see what’s going on with your shoulders; difficult to see from this one, but they seem a bit raised, I think…

the guy in green beat me by 0.05, so close

100m pb is 10.59 but i think im ready to drop that

hey nik, found these photo’s its not the best as they arent from a video camera so it cuts out alot of the frames.

but i agree that there may be a problem with my shoulders, i always get told about them.
i try so hard to keep them relaxed but they always seem to pop up near the end of the race if im not in the lead.
thats y i started doing these handicapped race’s to teach myself to relax when people are infront.

im in all blue bodysuit

does anyone think the hands are coming up to high???

I would say the hands are coming up a little high, not too bad though. I agree with what was said earlier about the angle of your elbows during your arm swing opening up. From the head on video it looks to me like your feet might be landing a little to far apart (although it’s very difficult to tell with the quality of video). How’s your hip flexibility? And be patient with the learning to relax at the end of a race, some of the best in the world can’t hold their form till the end of a 100.

hey thanks.
sorry are you saying the arms are opening to much ???
mmmmmm flexibility, well its not my strongest point but i do work on it hard and have improved hip flex this season, but still not where it should be.
relaxing also not my strongest point, but the funny thing is i know what im doing wrong but sometime i just cant let it happen, very fustrating sometimes.

Yeah it looks to me like your arms are opening up a little too much on the backswing. You can also try running directly over the lane lines to see if your feet are landing too far apart. Keep working on the flexibility it will help a great deal. At the end of the race try to maintain the same rythm a lot of people begin to start overstriding at the end. If you concentrate on maintaining the rythm it might help you from getting tight at the end. Also the races with handicap start are a great idea, also relay races can be another great opportunity to practice running from behind as long as you don’t get lane 8 :slight_smile:

cool, thanks man