My First Attempted Hitch-Kick... please critique

this was posted in my journal but i also thought i would post it in a more approiate (sp) place.

here is a link to a video of one of my long jumps. keep in mind…

1/ This is not how i normally jump. i just tried a hitch kick.
2/ This is in my backyard, not on a proper track, pit etc
3/ The video quality may be a tiny bit bad.
4/ This isn’t in competition, nor in a serious training session

Thats about it, but i will try and get some of me training/practicing at school, which may be a little bit better.

But anyway, please comment on my attempted hitch kick. and i did not measure the jump, so i do not know how far i jumped…

Link to Video -

Flight technique is probably one of the last things I would worry about.

You could ask popequique about this. His in-air technique is ‘bring legs up- stick arms out’. He improved from like 6.39 to near 6.80 this year with no change in flight technique.

Flight technique can get you a better landing position…that’s about it. 95% of your effort should be focused on runway & takeoff.

ok, thanks for that, will do

stick wit hangin man

hitching screws up 90 percent of teenagers