My Boy Willie P


Shitty tech, but dude can put force into the ground.



If he doesn’t have hamstring problems already, he most certainly will if he continues to run like that… Low hip position exposes him to longer contact patch below his center of mass.

I agree, he has gotten better. I’m surprise he didn’t have more hamstring issues while playing for the steelers. Surprising how some athletes can have shitty tech, have no clue how to perform simple drills but can easily get under a squat bar and squat 600+ and run 4.2-4.3 40yd dash.

He pretty much reverse curled 110 kgs for reps on those power cleans…

What’s your setup look like for him?

Dude can make it happen. Can’t believe he’s not in the league.

Amazing guys can run so fast with exaggerated anterior tilt, casting out lower leg, etc. and a lot of them also never get a ham pull.

Old school training, David Thornton was in the clip and he’s explosive also. I’m sure you know why Willie P isn’t in the NFL.

That didnt look like 4.3 to me. Maybe over 30yards…

Whatever speed it was it was enough for him to set the record for longest run from scrimmage in the superbowl. Speed kills!

Enough said.

BTW, he’s running on slow field turf and slightly uphill for about the first 10yds.

Pro Day - NFL Scout:

“Scouts debated switching the field for the 40-yard dash due to the first 10 yards being on a slight incline”.