My basket ball speed/quicknes/ jumping workout

Please give suggestions

I do this 3 times a week

6 sets of 5 deadlifts
6 sets of 2 jump squats
6 sets of 30 meter sprints forward
3 sets of 30 m backwords
3 sets of 30 m defensive stance to right
3 sets of 30 m to the left

I do this 2 times a week

6 sets of 2 bench press

Adi Dror,

Since you state that quickness is your primary concern (are you a post, wing, or point?), how would 30 m of lateral work help that quickness? I don’t know what would be the optimal volume, but I am ‘pretty’ certain that 30 m straight-line lateral running, with no direction change, will not help you beat an opponent to the baseline. I will think about this, and see if I can help, although my knowledge is limited, compared to others on this forum.

Yes I would keep it in the 10-20 m range.
In basketball vertical jump and agility is very important. im not sure if backwords running is effective, i doubt that.

Would you post a source for the
“Bryan Tobias reaction ball workout” , as
I can’t locate it on the net? Thanks.