My 40

I really had an urge to run today so I decided I’d film it, not my best effort(my body is still feeling slightly drained from the week, legs felt heavy I figure I could go about a tenth faster when I’m fresh) but any critiques are welcome

Looks pretty good. I like your start and first few steps but it looks like you’re forcing it a bit later on. aka you look a little bit tight in the middle of your run. Is your primary sport football or track?

Also how tall are you? I’ll just throw this out there: a lot of top football guys’ 40s are around 19-20 steps where yours is about 20.5. Your 20.5 steps could be partly due to tightness and partly due to you not being 100% fresh for these runs.

I’m sure others’ opinions will vary.

I’m 6’2.5, football is my primary sport, I’ll probably run track next year. My transition was pretty bad in those runs, I really felt like I was having to force it. Usually on a good day it’s automatic and all I think about is relaxing. I think your on to something with number of strides, I think part of it is because I’m in a very high volume, high intensity weights stage, but do you think that I would benefit from some mobility work to open up my stride a little more? If so what kind?

I don’t know if you need specific “mobility work”. In my mind, mobility work would be included in your regular warm-up. I think many of your imperfections can be fixed by being well rested and progressing through a thorough warmup.

Ya I’m sure your right, I’ll post another the next time my body is ready for a speed day