my 1month-training stats!

Hey everybody,

i started training 1month ago (100m) and here is what ive set in that time

i started with a 7.57 in sneakers for 60m

3weeks later i pulled 7.06 in spikes

today i ran 8.90 in 80meters

They say its worht a 11.20-11.30 in 100m

How is this for starters?

Btw im 21y old, train 3/week

My goals are: to pull sub-10s with ease, that should cover me for a while, then we’ll c. I believe it may be in 4-5years.

feedback someone?

I’d say great times. The question is how you were timed, which sports, training you did before.

A FAT 7.05 sprinter usually can do sub 11.00.

Keep focused…

timing was manual, from standing position

but ill keep u informde about FAT’s

I like the fact your shooting high with a sub10 goal, but thats years down the road and I think you should set a couple yearly goals to lead up to a sub10 and keep you motivated.

Well, then you should not be disappointed when FAT times might be even 0.5 slower. But still very useful times for a beginner.

I remember Charlie writing in Speed Trap about when Ben ran 11.1 (can’t remember - when late 70s?)…

Another rememberance: Over the last years I watched a young local athlete improve like follows:
15: LJ 6.60
16: I60: 7.25 - 100: 10.89
17: I60: 6.86 - 100: 10.66
18: tore all tendons in his knee - never saw him compete again…

How sad, how come?

No idea - only heard about it. Did not know him neither his trainer.

Well here it is! i finally participated in a local meet.

…how dissapointed i am…

I ran 4th out of 10, with 11.55s. FAT100m

There’sd a good side and a bad side about it…

Bad side is i thought i would do better… i hoped 11.20

good side is i was 4th/10, and that the 4 players ahead of me were training for years and that the winner ‘only’ had a 11.08s
so i guess its not that bad after all, this being my 1st competition and 2months training (and sides such as no sleep 2days, wet eyes, mind being somewhere else)

but yeah, i frankly hoped i would do better…

ah well, thats whats training is there for
But 1 thing is sure though, I WILL beat them all in record time soon! ( i mean beat myself)

Keep on trying, and believe in youself. When you break that hand timed 5,9sec. barrier inte 60m you’re set for sub 10 with ease.