MVP training log(WS4SB+football training)

I am a senior in high school done with my football and wrestling seasons and ready to take my training to the next level and prepare for college football. I will be playing safety in college and I am currently 5ft 10 inches 180 lbs and looking to put on weight while also increasing my speed which is the ultimate goal. It was a tough wrestling season where i was cutting weight but in the last couple weeks, i’ve been able to put the weight back on. I mostly follow Defranco’s WS4SB lifting protocol while incorporating my own running and specific football drill training.

Box Squat 3x3 last set385x3

One leg step ups w/ Dumbells 4 sets 55x6 each leg

Reverse hyper 3 sets 50x10
superset w/
Glute Ham Machine 3 sets

A little 4x1 practice and start work

Bench press 275x2 felt good hoping to get 3 but only got half way on the third

Db incline 3x8 80 lbs

Scarecrows w/ seated rows 3x10

Db shrugs 20 second intervals 3 sets

Hammer curls superset w/ tricep extensions

5g creatine,2 scoops muscle milk post workout

zma before bed

Got some serious ab workout in at my buddies and a real good stretch(PNF based)

good warm up(defranco’s)

7 sprints consisting of 10’s, 20’s, and 40’s total of about 150 yards

5 Standing long jumps PR-9’4’’

3 depth jumps into long jumps

3 standing triple jumps LR PR-26’6’’

5 normal depth jumps

Sub maximal squat 3 sets 295x3 last set

2 sets isometric single leg holds hold for 20 than 10 reps

3 sets reverse hypers

hamstring curls w/ exercise ball 3x12

Board Press (1,2,3,4 boards 5 each) 3x20

3x6 pullups superset w/
Seated powercleans

Barbell curls 3x10 75 lbs
w/ db raises

Burnout 30 second pushups

So what are your PB’s?

My personal bests are;
-Bench 285x1, 225x13, 185x19
-Paralell Squat 335x5
-Vertical 33 in.
-40 consistent 4.60’s handheld
-20 yd shuttle consistent 4.10’s

Parallel Squat 365x1

Single leg squat 1 dumbell 75lbs 3x6

Hammy curls w/ exercise ball

Legs absolutely dead

finished up w/ some neck machine and abs

Pretty good numbers, where do you plan on playing your college ball at?

I’m going to be playing at the University of Pittsburgh, i got the preferred walk on hopefully earning a scholarship by January.

You should try and contact ur SC at pitt hes a member on this forum and im sure he wouldnt approve of all the ME/westside type training ur doing.

ya i’m well aware he is a member on this forum and i have not recieved my lifting protocol from Pitt but im expecting to get it in the next week or two. Ya he wouldn’t approve of the ME lifts but it’s the program i’ve followed for the last year or so and that’s the one i know best however looking forward to getting a new program. I’m excited to be coached by one of the best strength coaches in the country. But originally i was planning to build up my strength and closer to summer do more running and jumping w/ sub maximal lifts.

Solid warm up w/ some tempo runs

3 Board Press 300x3

Isometric bench 5 sec hold

Blast straps scarecrows
w/ seated rows 4x10

Timed shrugs holding for 30 sec.

At night:
Good stretch w/ some abs

good warm up

5 10 yard sprints

5 20 yard sprints

3 40 yard sprints(buddy timed 4.59 on track trying to get the track coach to get an electric timer)

6 depth jumps

6 depth jumps over hurdles

sub-maximal below parallel box squat

reverse hyper
w/ hammy curls w/ exercise ball 4x10

Bench Press 185x19

Face pulls
w/ lat pull downs

Band tricep extensions
w/ curls

I’ve decided to deload for a span of 2-4 weeks depending upon my results to hopefully see an increase in vertical.

Good warm up w/ light stretching

4 10 yard jump back sprints

3 tempo runs

Start work

Vertical 5 jumps(slightly above rim)

5 depth jumps into rim touches(24 in box)

3x3 parallel squat 315x3 last set

4x10 Reverse hyper 150lbs last set

isometric glute ham

2x3 squat jumps 95lbs

4 board press 325x2

incline dumbell bench press

face pulls superset w/
blast strap pushups


mobility drills

tempo runs

3 on 3 basketball game

Rim grabs

Below parallel box squat

good mornings

isometric squats


pull ups 3x7


db curls