I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time now, but have been too lazy to do so! But now I will finally post it. On the old forum I mentioned that there are 3 types of myosin isoforms in the human body, type I(slow-twitch), fast-twitch type IIa and fast-twitch type IIx(also referred to as type IIb, but that is now old terminology). There is also a third type of fast-twitch isoform called IIb(new terminology, confusing isn’t it?) that is not normally present in humans, only in animals that rely on speed to survive. This is an article from the September 2000 issue of Scientific American. The REALLY interesting part is at the end, but I suggest u read all of it.

comments, arguments, counterpoints, anything?

I used to have that issue. Unfortunately I can’t open up this file-unsure what the problem is.

Do you have Adobe Acrobat? If u do and it isn’t working, try this link

That one worked for me. Thanks Prophet!

no problem.:slight_smile: