MUSIC- David Gilmour Solo (Pink Floyd)

I’m on my second listen of David Gilmour’s album titled “On an Island”.

For Pink Floyd fans this disk is simply a must have. In a word, incredible.

Rich, powerful and produced in the trademark Pink Floyd style this disk has left me beyond impressed and it takes my vote as one of the must have’s of 2006.

Go and get this album, you will not be disappointed. 10 tracks packaged in a thoughtful song book so you can follow along.

Just get it already…


100% Agreed,Rupert…Will you ever create an Expert´s choice corner in the Store? :wink:

us brits do make the worlds best music don’t we! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anyone get a chance to check this disk out yet? I’d like to know what you thought.



It is great CD…better still to avoid quite unrealistic comparisons with Pink Floyd themselves,or even Roger Waters’ best solo albums.But always good music!


What was your favorite track on the disk?


I bought Ben Harper’s latest double album. Cheap for two discs. But I’m disappointed. Barely enough good material for a single disc. I love “Better Way” which is the single, reminds me a bit of the sitar and tablas the Beatles etc played in the Psychedelic Sixties, but I can’t remember 'em that well . . . :stuck_out_tongue: