Muscles Used in Shot Put?

I was thinking what muscles were used in a shot put and i came up with…

Lower Back

Is there anymore?

And also, this is my main question, which muscle is used more, the Tricep or the Deltoid? thanks

First, why come up with the specific muscle groups?

Second, regarding your second question, does it matter? Most of the best tricep exercises also include the deltiods. This is of course assuming that you care more about improving performance than biomechanics. (No disrespect to biomechanics intended, it is a neat subject).

I’d imagine the shot put is a total body effort really.

haha yea. you just might as well list all the skeletal muscles in the body

Yes I would stay away from trying to list them all and stick with trying to find execises that will strengthen the “movements” of the shot.
General: Hang Clean, Squat and Bench (also some lunges and/or step ups esp. for gliders)
Specific: Rotational drills, Jump Squats (with specific attention to the joint angles), plyos, speed/ballistic bench and med ball throws.

There are more but these are some main ones. Also, you will want to address specific weaknesses of the thrower as some idividuals will need more focus on certain movements than others.

im not a shot putter, no where near it. and im not training to be one.

i was just thinking about the biomechniacs (sp) and such of the shotput and wondered what muscles get used more, triceps or delts more etc etc

As far as which gets more use…I have no idea. I have never seen an EMG done on a shot throw. I would think that much of the range of motion where the delt would be dominant would be negated due the stretch reflex and the torque produce by your hips. However most of the tricep strength needed would be on the high end of the speed-strength continuum because the shot is already moving pretty fast and the triceps would need to just move it faster.
Again, this is all just semantics though. I’m just speculating.