muscles not active

whenever i do squats or any hip extension work. i feel that my glutes are not doing alot of the work. and when i do calve raises, my gastro. doesn’t contract as hard (or at all) as my soleus. why is this? is this due to lack of flexibility?

its neurological, or it could all be in your head ie they are wokring and you just not aware of it.

well, whenever i do planter flexion i feel my gastro. and it doesn’t tense up, but my soleus contracts hard. plus, my soleus is relatively to big compared to my gastro. so i think that can be a sign that it isn’t in my head.

could it be lack of flexability?

thanks for the input.

its due to bad form in your squats. not sure bout the extension, are you sitting completely down? on squats are you keeping your back straight?

Check for vertebral problems…see a chiro/therapist.

my form is pretty good. lately i have been feeling it a bit more in my glutes. i have been stretching alot. not sure if that has helped or not.

i will definitly bring it up when i go to see my chiro.
thanks for the input guys.

if u r seated when u do planter flexions, u should only fell ur soleus because it’s isolated, due 2 the fact that ur gastro is connected 2 ur knee which is not loaded in a seated position.

if u want 2 work ur gastroes, u should do standing planter flexions. the extended knee activates the gastroes.

i hope this helps.