muscle tightness how to handle it

I have a question. I have a muscle that has become very tight in one workout. During the workout it felt strange as if my right knee suddenly pointed to the outside. The next day (today)it has become very sore and difficult to bend the leg.

I race bicycles so it didn’t happen running. The only real change is that I put in a new orthotic in the shoe before the workout.

Given that I had no tightness before the workout what should I do to make the tightness go away?

dynamic stretches before, and static stretching daily.

What dynamic stretches would you recommend for the VMO? I don’t know any. Amos

From the sounds of it, you had a pre-existing problem, quite possibly rotation of femure or shinbone into the knee. That would put the muscle on an unnatural tension and then you’ve gone and worked on it in training. Happens a lot. Go to your friendly biomechanist as first port of call - a physiotherapist or chiropractor. If it’s anatomical in origin, it can be adjusted and you’ll be back in business in a day or two.

In the meanwhile, don’t do any serious stretching. … or any stretching at all if the muscle is already stretched unnaturally across two joints (ie, hip and knee), because more stretching will only exacerbate the trouble.