What are the best multi-vitamins? Do your little kid vitamins like “Flintstones” and stuff work well?

I like centrum or the mark brand at Sam’s club here in the south. I like the addition of gingko/other brain/memory ingredients. Seems to work for me. Anyone else.

So Centrum is good? Okay.

Anyone else?

centrum is fairly good mv but twinlab make an excellent daily one and in europe wellman is very well respected and make excellent daily ones

Thanks. Centrum and Twinlab. Got it.

Usana (
as well as the Wellmans are the ones that most people will tell you are the best. I tried both HPF and Usana and got better results with Usana but this was because my nutrition was not optimal at the time.

centrum vitamins are synthethic.

what are the mark brand I use? seems to work for me.

Its too confusing now. Some companies make both types. I have seen vitamin in in d-alpha an the synthetic version before made by the same company. Are all of centrum’s vitmins synthetic or just silver multivitamin. I agree though synthetic vitamins aren’t as good.

i like “centrum performance” or somethiong like that…
its inexpensive and available all over

Rubex is another option:
It’s a capsule
Doesn’t have the same profile as centrum - but I think it has added ingrediants like royal jelly etc.
Have a look at it too.

So Rubex, Centrum, HPF, Usana, and Twinlab should all be considered? Thanks guys.

Centrum sucks.

Damn, Clemson. Just be straight up why don’t you? :smiley:

What do you suggest for over-the-counter which is all I can afford right now that will do until I can get the good stuff?

don’t get anything…buy your girlfriend a rose…you’ll get more from that then pills full of fillers.


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I have used mega man by GNC and had good results. Also the liquid vitamins from High Performance Fitness work well.