multi event scoring tables

there was a really good link on here the other day to a table that would convert your bests to their equivalents in other events, and it showed multi event scoring as well. it seems to have disappeared. could someone please post it again or show me where it is?

It was posted by quickazhell if its the thing I’m thinking of. I’ll try to find it and link tomorrow.

you could try using the double-decathlon scoring tables. They cover 20 track & field (no race walking, thank god) events in 2 days, unlike the regular decathlon 10 event in 2 days.

The only exception is the 400mH is replaced with a 200mH (low hurdles)

Imagine… doing 3000 steeplechase, followed by the triple jump! Then end with a 10K on the track!


Why? Because it’s there.

Endurance sports are taking over… marathons are not enough, so we have ultras. And instead of 24Hr endurance sports, we have multi-day eco-challenges.

You won’t catch me doing these… anything over 400m, I take a taxi!



Seriously why would want to be stupid enough to do it.

A friend of mine has qualified to hawaiian ironman and he said he is over it after doing it once.

yes, quickazhell, that’s the link i was looking for. thanks alot.