Mt SAC - results

WALNUT, California, April 19, 2009 (AFP) - Selected results from Saturday’s Mt. SAC Relays:

100m (+0.9 m/sec wind): 1. Tyrone Edgar (GBR) 10.20 secs, 2. Rubin Williams (USA) 10.22, 3. Martial Mbandjock (FRA) 10.26
200m (0.0): 1. Lionel Larry (USA) 20.37, 2. Dwain Chambers (GBR) 20.51, 3. Christopher Berrian (USA) 20.59
400m: 1. David Gillick (IRL) 45.80, 2. Reggie Wyatt (USA) 46.38
110m hurdles (+1.7 m/sec): 1. Ryan Wilson (USA) 13.45
Pole Vault: 1. Daichi Sawano (JPN) 5.70m

100m (+0.9 m/sec): 1. Carmelita Jeter (USA) 10.96, 2. Charonda Williams (USA) 11.29
200m (+0.8 m/sec): 1. Charonda Williams (USA) 22.84, 2. Ashley Kidd (USA) 23.41… 7. Torri Edwards (USA) 23.94
Pole Vault: 1. Chelsea Johnson (USA) 4.55 m… 3. Stacy Dragila (USA) 4.45

Has Torri maybe seen the end?

What you need to understand if you weren’t there…

It would have been more comfortable racing in Death Valley. The thermometer in my car in the parking lot registered 95F and it was likely hotter on the track. The conditions were horrid, everybody (those that didn’t scratch, that is) was affected.

Bobby Kersee’s womens 4X4 (Allyson Felix, Natacha Hastings…) RAN ALONE. Kersee’s mens 4X4 had only one opponent…and it wasn’t HSI. I don’t think they even held the non-invitational 4X4s. John Smith scratched from relays because he didn’t want anyone running more than 1 event. Torri clearly had a bad time–but so did a lot of other people.

You can see the full results from runnerspace here:

Mt Sac is always a problem for those NOT in the invitational sections because of delays, am runs, etc. Even for the top it’s tough to know what to expect. As for Torri, that doesn’t tell us anything really.